Bar Brothers System Review – The Calisthenics Muscle Plan Uncovered

My review of the Bar Brothers system will explore what calisthenics training is about and what the Bar Brothers System can do for your muscles and strength.

Here you will find out whether this is a valid alternative to expensive weights and gym memberships.

Currently sold at $47 on the official website, the Bar Brothers System is one of the best entry-level calisthenics programs you can find online.

This calisthenics training 12-week plan guarantees excellent strength and lean muscle gains, but it may not be for everyone, as it requires commitment and discipline.

The bodyweight workouts on bars require determination and a one-hour commitment every day, but if you are prepared to stick to the plan, you can get excellent results without gym equipment or membership costs.

Who Is This Program For?

The Bar Brothers System is a plan suitable for those with a dislike for crowded gyms or held back by the costs of gym memberships.

The program is based on proven calisthenics moves on bars and floors designed to significantly increase strength and muscle size and the best possible power to bodyweight ratio with low body fat.

Bar Brothers Review

This calisthenics program is particularly suitable for young people without much money to cover the costs of a gym membership or to buy a traditional home gym.

It can be done anywhere, in your local park or while traveling, making it attractive to anyone who likes to workout outdoor but still wants an effective way to build solid muscle and strength without all the frills.

You can then upgrade movements like pull-ups and push-ups with time into the most demanding variations like the planche, planche push-ups, muscle-ups, front lever, back lever, human flag, and so on.

However, the Bar Brothers System runs for 12 weeks as it is designed to provide you with the basics to build further skills and strength later on, so it goes well, especially for beginners, no need to be Frank Medrano, Dusan, or Lazar yet.

It is only later that you can upgrade to more challenging Bar Brothers programs, but only if you want to:

  • The System Accelerator Course for intermediates ($55).
  • The System Freestyle Moves Course for advanced ($42).

The program reviewed on this page is the beginners’ program, called The System Course. The introductory Bar Brothers System Course is currently sold for $47.

There are also two additions on offer:

  • The Bar Brothers Nutrition ($53) – A complete nutritional guide.
  • The Bar Brothers Family ($1/month) – Access to the exclusive Bar Brothers Facebook global community.

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The so-called special links/coupon websites simply link you back to the regular official website, where the program is sold @ $47, regardless of where you come from.

Don’t fall for such a misleading ruse and waste your time going around in loops. You can get your Bar Brothers program for $47 simply by going directly to the official website

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Bar Brothers Program

What Is The Bar Brothers System?

The Bar Brothers System is a unique method of calisthenics workouts based on your body weight as resistance (instead of weights) and the floor, one bar, and parallel bars as equipment for working out.

It is designed to get a muscular and shredded physique with tremendous physical and mental strength and ideal body weight to strength ratio.

It can be roughly described as something similar to a gymnast’s ring and floor routines, but instead of the rings, you use bars, parallel bars, and much more simplified push and pulls movements.

The Bar Brothers System is based on basic and simple (but not easy) bodyweight workouts with a view to building the necessary strong foundation for street workouts and freestyle sessions in the future.

This is just a beginners’ program designed to build up your fitness, muscle size, and strength BEFORE you even think of attempting the next calisthenics progressions offered by the Bar Brothers brand, which is the System Accelerator and the System Freestyle.

If you think that you can go from zero to Frank Medrano in just 12 weeks, you are mistaken.

As an entry-level program to calisthenics, the workout routines are arranged in a circuit style, jumping from one exercise to the next with little rest. Once you complete a circuit (confusingly called a set in the Bar Brothers program), you rest for a while, then start again for a total of 4 to 5 circuits.

This is ideal for improving cardiovascular efficiency, raise metabolism and increase fat loss. You will also build muscle and strength in the process, especially since you are a beginner.

If you were an advanced trainee, this would probably not be the best way to further increase your strength and muscle size because of the drop in performance in subsequent sets.

In that case, you need to take a more dedicated approach and hammer the same muscle group with no other circuit exercises and plenty of rest between sets.

However, the Bar Brothers System is just a beginners’ program, so you can expect to significantly increase your strength and muscle mass while losing any extra fat you may have.

This is simply because a beginner is exceptionally responsive to a new stimulus (the so-called newbie gains). As your strength and muscle mass increase, it becomes more and more challenging to make further progression until you eventually reach your full potential.

Make no mistake, though, because a beginner program does not mean easy. Bar Brothers runs on a 5/6 day per week schedule, about one hour for each workout, enough to have you gasping on the floor every time.

Does it sound challenging? It is. Is It Effective? You bet calisthenics is very effective, providing that you follow the program correctly.

As in all calisthenics, the rigor and toughness of the workouts also have a positive effect on mental confidence and even on the way people relate to you.

While making the program, the creators thought of young people with a limited budget to access a gym or buy home equipment or simply interested in bodyweight and calisthenics.

In general, calisthenics is attractive to young guys who want to improve their physique and confidence without the costs of a gym membership and desire to turn the tables around from situations like low self-esteem or even bullying.

Having said this, calisthenics has seen a resurgence in interest in recent years, with people from any age group switching over from regular weight training.

It’s cheap, appealing, and works because it delivers functional strength and fitness with outstanding physiques.

Lazar And Dusan created the Bar Brothers System is a viable digital format that anyone interested in improving their physique and boost their confidence can access the world.

You can get the program with an internet connection and a one-time, small investment fee, without the need for DVDs or hard copies deliveries.

While two young athletes designed the program for a primarily young customer base of brothers and sisters in the 18 to 35 age range, people in their 60s or as young as 13 successfully train with this calisthenics method.

Bar Brothers System Calisthenics

Bar Brothers System Schedule

The Bar Brothers System is simple but demanding. Simple does not mean easy because the routines are tough to perform and require discipline and dedication.

They are demanding physically and mentally and require an adjustment period with a strict 5/6-day per week schedule for 12 weeks, one hour for each workout. So it would be best if you were in the frame of mind of a long-term commitment.

This means this program may not be for everyone, especially considering that regular weight training also yields good results but requires less initial priming.

However, if you want to go the all-natural way, be minimalist and not spend money on a gym membership or any fancy home equipment, this is the way to go.

The results achievable are pretty impressive both in terms of physique and mental confidence. This training method is sustainable for life since you can train anywhere without worrying about equipment, but only once you know how to do it.

Bar Brothers System

Bar Brothers

The Bar Brothers Workout Plan

The program is divided into three 4-week phases and scheduled throughout 12 weeks, each week with a different color workout chart.

The first day of the first week is dedicated to a self-assessment test of your current strength abilities to determine the starting point from where to progress in your routines.

It also teaches you how to warm up properly before a workout to prevent injury.

After the first assessment day, you follow through the remaining weeks as planned. The schedule is structured in a day-by-day fashion.

  • Each day you follow is a video demonstrating how to perform a particular exercise – you watch and then do it.
  • One hundred forty demonstration videos in total – The videos are short but to the point, from 50 secs to 2 minutes each.
  • Information on different body types to assess your strong points or limitations.
  • Nutritional information on how to make pre-workout shakes and what to eat, proteins, and carbs.
  • Information on mistakes to avoid while performing calisthenics.
  • 12th-week self-assessment to cross-check with the 1st-week test to work out how much you have improved.

The Workout Schedule

Because of their demanding nature, the workouts are not structured as full body. Instead, you target different muscle groups or body parts each day of the week with 1 or 2 rest days per week.

The weekly schedule and exercises are constantly rotated to avoid adaptation and force your muscles to grow stronger and bigger.

On any given day, you may need to dedicate the whole workout to  a different body part or muscle group like so:

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Core
  • Cardio

The sequence changes from week to week so that you never hit the same muscle group or body part at the same interval every week. Again, this is to prevent stagnation and force your body to adapt constantly.

At the end of the full 12-week program, you’ll have an evaluation test on the last day, which you can compare to the first day of evaluation to see your performance improvement.

Exercises Sets And Reps

The Bar Brothers System works on the principle of progressive overload. You keep adding more and more sets and workout volume as the weeks go by.

In the beginning, expect to do 3 to 4 circuits of exercises with 30 to 45 seconds rest between exercises. Your volume will have increased up to 6 to 10 circuits with a similar rest period Toward the end.

The exercises become more challenging as you progress so that your tendons and joints have time to adapt.

However, I’d like to say a word of caution about what you can realistically expect to achieve in your progression. The Bar Brothers blueprint is sound and well structured, but everyone is unique.

This means that you may not perform as many repetitions or sets as you are supposed to do according to the workout schedule, especially as fatigue sets in.

For example, if you don’t hit your target of 10 pull-ups is a given day but stop at 5, go back to the easier variation like the Australian pull-up (horizontal pull) and likewise do so for the exercises that prove to be challenging your current strength levels.

You can also check out my own list of muscle-building bodyweight exercises here (opens in new tab).

The blueprint provides just that, a blueprint. It’s up to you to work your way around and scale it down or even up when it’s necessary. Bar Brothers gives you an impressive list of exercises to follow and to choose from if you need to adapt the program a little bit:

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • High Knees
  • Wall Sits
  • Chin Ups
  • Wide Pullups
  • Close Grip Pullups
  • Pull Up Holds Side By Side
  • Shoulder Press Ups
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • Sit-Ups
  • Side Planks
  • Crunches
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Close Push-Ups
  • Wide Push-Ups
  • Pike Pushups
  • Hindu Pushups
  • Jump Squats
  • Lunges
  • Inner Pushups
  • Wide Pushups
  • Pseudo Planche Pushups
  • Spider Pushups
  • Type Writer Pushups
  • Clap Pushups
  • Handstand Pushups

This is just a small, random selection of the exercises available without any order based on difficulty. If you find a particular exercise too difficult you can always stick to the easier variation until you are strong enough.

For example, if you just cannot do handstand pushups no matter what, stick to pike pushups and work your way up by increasing difficulty, raising your feet on a platform as you gain strength over time.

As you can see, while the exercises can be difficult, they are mostly basic, compound exercises. You cannot find movements like the planche, the front lever, the back lever, the hefesto, or the Maltese.

These are super advanced moves and you may not even be able to do it even if you had the strength because you need a lot of skill and practicing first. They are demonstrative exercises to showcase your level of strength, but not the best to actually build your strength.

The more skill, balance, and practice are removed from your workouts, the better for gaining strength and muscle size because all you have to do is counting reps, lovely reps to failure, and add more volume as you improve.

This is what the Bar Brothers System is all about: grinding your way to strength-building, muscle-gaining, and fat-loss through increasing your repetitions, sets, and volume.

Bar Brothers System

Bar Brothers System Pistol Squats

Bar Brothers System Global Community

The program includes sisters as well, as it is designed for everyone. The program’s brotherhood and sisterhood connotation is a nod to its social roots and commitment to spreading globally across cultures, genders, and walks of life, helping regular guys and gals get in the best possible shape that their potential allows.

It’s a kind of global movement, aside from being a workout and calisthenics program. The community is entirely optional, but if you want to join, it’s just $1/month.

To Find Out More Go To, Where the Bar Brothers System Is Currently Priced @ $47.

About Lazar And Dusan

Bar Brothers Authors

The Bar Brothers System is the creation of Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

They are professional calisthenics, freestyle, and street workout athletes and coaches who developed this unique training system that requires minimal equipment to implement.

You can always find a bar for pullups in your local park, and the floor is always there for you to drop to when you want to perform pushing movements.

Bar Brothers is the same system Lazar and Dusan used to transform their bodies into chiseled and carved muscular physiques but organized in a structured and viable format for anyone, even those who don’t know a thing about calisthenics and wouldn’t know where to start.

Bodyweight training and calisthenics can forge athletic physiques with outstanding body-weight to power ratio, making it possible to perform all sorts of gravity-defying feats, like gymnasts.

However, it’s possible to increase resistance and difficulty even further with weighted calisthenics when you are ready for it.

Bar Brothers System For And Against


  • Well-structured and progressive plan for beginners to intermediates.
  • Excellent video library featuring all the exercises.
  • Based on progressive overload. You increase workout volume with time as you gain strength.
  • You can build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
  • Easy to follow, no-nonsense instructions.
  • No equipment is needed except for a bar.
  • It builds your strength of character, too, not just your muscles.
  • Friendly social community if you want to join.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Working out 5 or 6 times per week, one hour per session, maybe too much for some people with limited time.
  • Basic nutrition information.

Bar Brothers System PDF And Components

In the Bar Brothers System, you get a private control panel to access the program on your phone, tablet, or PC – you make a one-time payment program, and there is NO monthly recurring fee.

The program was designed for people who do not want or cannot spend money on a gym membership or home equipment, let alone monthly installments.

Right now, it is $47, but it may or may not change in the future. You can check it out on the Bar Brothers official website here.

Upon purchase, you get your login details, and then you are redirected to a page with four choices:

  • The Bar Brothers System is the workout system reviewed here with all the materials, and it’s all you need if you are a beginner. You click the “Access Now‘ button.

The other three options are just upgrades that you can buy later on and only if you want to, once you have already finished the primary system, which is as good as it gets anyway, and you may not need the upgrades at all.

However, just for your information, the upgrades are:

  • The System Accelerator – This deals with more advanced workouts and is the natural continuation of the primary system.
  • The Freestyle Moves – This is a very advanced freestyle blueprint (street workout-like) possible to implement only if you have been through the system drills and built a solid muscle foundation with strong tendons and ligaments.
  • Bar Brothers Family – This is an optional support group for anyone who wishes to join, regardless of strength or skill level.

So to recap, you only click the system “access now” button. There you are presented with all the workout material by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. Here is what you get right in the presentation.

  • An Introduction with the author detailing the basics.
  • What you need for the workouts and how to track your progress.
  • Explanation of the program detailing the calendar and the workout charts and download links.
  • Workout tips to execute the exercises correctly.
  • The nutritional guidelines, what you need to eat.

Bar Brothers System

>>Click Here To Visit The Bar Brothers Official Website<<

Closing Thoughts

The Bar Brothers System is one of the best beginner’s calisthenics programs around, particularly for its effectiveness, simple format, and layout.

The 140 videos speak thousands of words and explain what you are supposed to do, leaving no room for error.

Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic took up the calisthenics culture up to a new professional level to help anyone interested in this kind of training.

They did so with a viable plan that comes in digital format and is convenient to follow from anywhere on your smartphone.

The program also has a strong social and motivational identity, spurring young people to be the best they can be and encouraging them to push through what may initially seem impossible.

The results achievable with this top-quality calisthenics program are impressive, but you must be dedicated, determined, and disciplined in life. One hour of commitment per day is the standard.

The Bar Brothers System can benefit anyone regardless of age, gender, and starting fitness level, shooting several birds with one stone. It is very effective, affordable, and easy to follow.

A vital aspect is that it does not require much equipment except for a bar or two and the floor so that you can train anywhere.

It also has a nice brotherhood feeling of belonging with its in-house global social community. In short, it is not just a workout program, but it opens the gates to a new way of life.

bar brothers system

Bar Brothers System FAQs

What Is The Bar Brother System?

It’s a blueprint for calisthenics beginners who want to build a solid foundation of strength, lean muscle mass, and low body fat. It runs for 12 weeks using basic but challenging bodyweight movements performed in a circuit way.

How Is It Different From Other Calisthenics Programs?

The Bar Brothers System is well-designed, but it provides 140 instructional videos on top of the schedule manual. It’s structured in a progressive way to build your strength levels gradually; you can upgrade to more advanced Bar Brothers routines for street workouts and freestyle. It also has an optional global community to join, if you want.

Is It OK For Beginners?

Lazar And Dusan created the Bar Brothers System specifically for beginners, even those who have just learned the word “calisthenics.” It runs you through an initial assessment to determine where your strength and fitness levels stand before starting the program; then, you progress from there.

What About Equipment?

This is precisely what Bar Brothers is all about. Apart from building muscle and strength, you do NOT need any equipment, save for a pullup bar or parallel bars, which you can find in parks or make at home.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can only get Bar Brothers on the official website:

What If It’s Not For Me?

Bar Brothers comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bar Brothers System

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