Back Pain Breakthrough Review – Spinal Release Uncovered

Back Pain Breakthrough is a natural healing method by acclaimed specialist Dr. Young that promises to obliterate your back pain from the comfort of home. If it sounds too good to be true, hold on to my review because this program is the real McCoy.

This is the very same blueprint used by this top back pain expert in his own private practice to relieve his customers from years of agony and misery.

I went through this back pain protocol and found it deceptively simple in its layout and implementation.

I say “deceptively” because the simple movements necessary for the natural healing process of your back pain are, in reality, the result of years and years of expertise, results, and knowledge.

Back Pain Breakthrough Description

The Back Pain Breakthrough protocol consists of a few different basic stretching moves that you can execute in as little as 5 minutes, some moves repeated through the day, others less frequently or as needed (like when standing up from bed after a night sleep).

They are astonishingly simple moves designed to relieve the pressure generating from your disks to your spinal cord, the origin of your pain, by reducing the tension of the hip flexors.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review

The hip flexors are muscles that connect the hip from the front of your spine to the front of your hips, and they are often the reason for the development of back pain for people living a sedentary lifestyle.

The hip flexors become tight and short by sitting all day, and they lose flexibility just like your hamstrings do.

As you get up and walk from a day at the desk, these muscles start pulling strongly your vertebrae, which in turn squeeze the disks against the spinal cord, thus triggering the shooting pain.

Back Pain Breakthrough was designed to relieve the tension and tightness of the hip flexors with a few simple stretching moves that, in turn, will stop your spinal cord from being poked, pinched, and irritated by the bulging disks.

It is a fast-acting protocol that delivers immediate relief but must be repeated a few times per day for a 30 days period. Thereafter, it can be repeated as needed.

Once you know the techniques, you can use them as a prevention tool to keep your hip flexors healthy and flexible or whenever you feel back pain creeping back on you.

Right now, Back Pain Breakthrough is sold at $37 with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can find it only on the official website:

But first, you would want to know about the author of this program, Dr. Steve Young. Since it is your back that is at stake, there’s no room for quackery and you want to make sure that the creator of this program is qualified to advise you on how to treat your back pain naturally, isn’t it?

I have done my own search and here is what I found out.

Author Steve Young’s Qualifications

Dr. Steve Young Steve Young is a doctor from Philadelphia with his own practice, where he has taken on some of the most difficult back pain cases for the last 20 years.

He has a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State and a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel).

He is also a Holistic Coach (Mind, Body, Spirit). This is reflected because he has vast knowledge about back pain and muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, personal development, and mindset.

He is an accomplished natural bodybuilder who follows William Kraemer’s muscle-building and strength training methods, and as a result, he studied with the world’s top biomechanics specialists.

Thanks to his formal qualifications and personal athletic achievements, he has also worked with many professional athletes, including MMA fighters, NBA players and NFL footballers, and celebrities like actor Zachary Quinto.

He’s done a vast amount of research on back pain and analyzed over 30,000 clinical studies before attaining and refining his method for back pain, which he calls Targeted Spinal Relief, the backbone (excuse me the pun) of the Back Pain Breakthrough program.

You can also Google Dr. Steve Young, and you’ll find plenty of information about him, or you can jump to and have a peek at his YouTube channel, Twitter account, Instagram account, and Facebook account.

As you can see, Dr. Steve Young is real and very well qualified for the business of helping you with your back pain, with real qualifications, a successful practice, happy customers, and results to show for.

Back Pain Breakthrough 1

Who Can Benefit From Back Pain Breakthrough?

This is a program suitable for just about anyone with back pain, particularly for those who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Long hours spent at the desk or working on a computer can lead to all sorts of bad postures, the root cause of the problem that triggers a domino-like cascade of these ill-effects:

  1. Shortening and stiffening of the hip flexors muscles due to the prolonged seated position.
  2. Pulling of the hip flexors on the spine vertebrae because of their lack of flexibility and tightness.
  3. Compression of the discs between the vertebrae toward the spinal cord.
  4. Resulting in shooting pain, which can be acute (short duration) or chronic (permanent).
  5. Herniated or slipped disk.
  6. Stenosis.

If left untreated, back pain can worsen and degenerate in serious conditions like stenosis, manifesting with pain or numbness in your legs, and even difficulty controlling the bladder.

Back Pain Breakthrough is particularly suitable for people with sedentary jobs like:

  • Computer Workers or Programmers.
  • Technology Jobs.
  • Phone or Call Center Operators.
  • Office Workers.
  • Administrative Workers.
  • Legal Professions.
  • Teachers.
  • Social Workers.
  • Professional Drivers (bus, truck, taxi, or any vehicle).
  • Surveillance Operators.
  • Travel Agents.
  • Cashiers.
  • Remote Data Entry Workers.
  • Chat Agent.

The list can go on and on, but that’s beside the point. If you find yourself sitting on your bum for hours on end to make a living, then you live a sedentary lifestyle, and you are more likely than others to develop back pain from prolonged sitting, poor posture, and tight hip flexors.

==>Click/Tap Here To Visit The Back Pain Breakthrough Official Website<==

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Back Pain Breakthrough Origins

According to the website, the program came to fruition thanks to a meeting between a long-time sufferer of back pain and the aforementioned Dr. Steve Young.

Amy Palmer, a regular woman like any other with a family and a sedentary job, was frequently afflicted by temporary back pain that usually would resolve on its own after a while.

Without giving it too much thought, she kept going about her life until one day, the situation took a turn for the worse, and she found that the pain had become chronic, which severely affected her quality of life.

She could not stand properly, and walk around was agony. Even getting out of bed in the morning required military planning and every move had to be taken with fearful caution.

A slight mistake, and the pain would stab her to paralysis.

During this time, she sought relief through a variety of methods such as :

  • Chiropractors.
  • Physical Therapists.
  • Massage Therapists.
  • Stretching Exercises (the wrong ones).
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture.
  • Cortisone Injections.
  • Anti Inflammatory Pain Killers.
  • None of those worked.

None of them worked, at least no permanently. At most, she could only get temporary relief. In fact, it got so bad that one day found herself unable to move at all and in excruciating pain.

After a recovery in hospital and an MRI, the doctor told her that her disk was bulging so badly that it could permanently damage her spinal nerve and leave her paralyzed from the waist down.

The only solution out of this situation was expensive surgery. However, she did not give in quite yet.

Now crippled in every aspect of daily life and desperate, she managed to arrange an appointment with renowned specialist Dr. Steve Young, the Back Pain Breakthrough program author, which did not exist at the time.

Sensing the seriousness of her situation, he arranged an appointment for her well before the standard waiting times.

He quickly dismissed the need for surgery and instead explained to her that from simple pressure, the bulging disk was degenerating into pinching her spinal nerve, which could cause excruciating sciatic pain running down her leg.

Then assure her that she could be pain-free naturally in as little as 2 or 3 weeks. This was made possible by exercising that would naturally return the vertebrae to their normal position and stop compressing the disks against the spinal nerve.

He put her straight through his 5-minute back pain healing routine, the Targeted Spinal Release, and she immediately felt the pressure relieved and the pain gone.

With that, he told her to repeat the process several times per day at home for a week, then go back to her. She dutifully did so every time she felt the pain coming back, repeating the process and experiencing the same instant relief.

And over the course of the next six months, her back pain became just a distant memory. Amy could perform the exercises whenever she could feel her back getting stiff and achy, safe knowing that the pain would disappear in 5 minutes.

This was when Amy wondered why Dr. Young had not made his knowledge publicly available for the benefit of countless victims of back pain.

Only people living around Philadelphia or close enough could get an appointment to his practice and benefit from his Targeted Spinal Release method.

Why not make it publicly available to everyone suffering from back pain so that anyone could repeat the process from home, no need to book an appointment?

This was the missing link, the trigger that prompted Dr. Young to extend his knowledge from the confines of his practice to the digital world and make his Targeted Spinal Release protocol available to and replicable by anyone, without the need for appointments and practices.

That’s how the Back Pain Breakthrough program came about. It is a fully digital program consisting of 6 videos featuring the very same Dr. Young demonstrating the process, plus 2 PDF manuals with pictures and explanations (and a surprise bonus):

  • The Targeted Spinal Release Manual
  • Advanced Healing Techniques

 A Peek Inside Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough works by targeting the hip flexors, the psoas, piriformis and iliacus muscles, reducing tightness and restoring flexibility.

Their flexibility is crucial to restoring your spinal health and eliminating your back pain because of their strategic position between your pelvis and your spine.

The hip flexors connect your spine to your legs, from the front of your spine all the way down to the front of your hip muscles. Their function is to stabilize your posture while sitting, walking, running, or doing just about anything.

In normal, active life, the hip flexors are naturally strong, supple, and flexible, just like any other muscle, and do their job without a problem without causing any back pain.

However, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the hip flexors becoming tight and inflexible. Basically, they don’t exercise at all and instead spend all the time shortened in the same position as you sit at the desk.

This situation compromises the hip flexors’ flexibility and the spine to which they are attached since their stiffness, and shortened range cause your spine to become unnaturally pulled.

This pulling action compresses the vertebrae closer together and squeezing the disks out against the spinal nerve, the number one cause of lower back pain.

Especially as you stand from a prolonged sitting position and begin to walk around, the tight hip flexors pull on your spinal vertebrae, arching your back and squeezing the disks against the spinal nerve, the stabbing pain that leaves you paralyzed.

Back Pain Breakthrough guides you through a blueprint of proven and tested stretching moves designed specifically to offset this situation, restoring flexibility to the hip flexors and putting your spine back into alignment, thus eliminating back pain.

It’s a system that targets the root cause of the problem, which triggers a cascade of domino-like effects with the removal of back pain as the final and inevitable bypass product.

However, if maintaining a sedentary lifestyle is non-negotiable (because of job commitment), you may need to repeat the process as needed.

Unless you change your lifestyle and work specifically toward strengthening your back or working out and generally being active, Back Pain Breakthrough cannot offset the ill effects of prolonged sitting.

Not in one session anyway.

You need to keep repeating the Back Pain Breakthrough guidelines as needed. On the other hand, the protocol is so simple, effective, and time-efficient that it can really make a big difference in your quality of life.

The Videos

This is a 6-part video masterclass in which Dr. Young explains the science behind his protocol. Here is a quick breakdown:

Video 1 – The Real cause Of Back Pain – This is an introduction video where Dr. Young welcomes you and starts talking about the Targeted Spinal Relief protocol basics and showcases some successful stories from happy clients.

Video 2 – The Targeted Spinal Relief – Here, he goes into details and articulates a range of topics such as:

  • Anatomy of your back.
  • Structural reasons for back pain.
  • Behavioral reasons for back pain.
  • Side effects of lower back pain.
  • Compensations and complications.
  • Lower back pain and nervous system.
  • Chronic pain and depression.
  • Focused simplicity vs. shotgun approach.

Video 3 – How To Fix Pain Instantly – This video introduces you to the nitty-gritty of the program.

  • Your body wants to heal.
  • Identifying obstacles to your healing.
  • Why other therapies do not work.
  • The importance of your gut health.
  • The Warrior method revealed.
  • Anatomy of hip flexors.
  • The right way to stretch.

Video 4 – The Warrior Method – This is the description of the various hip flexor stretching exercises.

  • The Awakened Warrior.
  • The Peaceful Warrior.
  • The Strong Warrior.

Video 5 – Lifehacks For A Pain-Free Life – Different strategies and techniques to combat back pain.

  • Pain-free habits: sitting.
  • Pain-free habits: workstation.
  • Pain-free habits: Lifting.
  • The golfer’s tilt.
  • The lunge.
  • Deadlift off the floor.
  • Improper way of lifting.
  • Your support team.
  • Customized back pain solutions.
  • Identifying stenosis and disk issues.
  • Protocol of disk issues.

Video 6 – Muscle Imbalances – Easy Solutions – More strategies, tests, and solutions.

  • Protocol for disk issues.
  • Protocol for stenosis.
  • Protocol for chronic pain.
  • Protocol for acute pain.
  • Restoring imbalances.
  • Anatomy of piriformis and hamstrings.
  • Piriformis and hamstring stretching protocol.
  • Hamstring test.
  • Piriformis test.
  • Identifying acute vs. chronic pain.
  • Acute and recent pain protocol.
  • Natural ways to reduce inflammation.
  • Healthy actions to reduce inflammation.

The Targeted Spinal Release PDF Manual

Back Pain Breakthrough

This is a 21-page PDF manual. This manual is complementary to the video demonstrations and showcases the “Warrior Moves” with pictures and descriptions, and you can switch back to the videos through a link. The topics covered in the manual are:

  • The Secret Cause Of Your Back Pain
  • The 30 Day Action Plan.
  • The 30 Day Breakthrough Calendar – A printable page that you can use to track your progress.
  • The Peaceful Warrior Movement.
  • The Awakened Warrior Movement.
  • The Strong Warrior Movement.

The Advanced Healing Techniques Manual

Back Pain Breakthrough Disks

This is a 25-page PDF manual with additional strategies to fight back pain. It summarizes the content of the videos for those who prefer reading, showcasing with pictures the correct posture to maintain while sitting, the correct workstation setup, plus additional moves, stretches, and techniques to eliminate back pain.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction
  • How To Sit For A Strong, Healthy Back
  • How To Set Up Yor Workstation.
  • Lifting.
  • Golfers’ Tilt.
  • Lunges.
  • Types Of Back Pain And Imbalances.
  • How To Know If You Have A Disk Bulging.
  • How To Treat Stenosis.
  • Fixing Muscular Imbalances.
  • Imbalanced Piriformis And How To Stretch It.
  • Imbalanced Hamstring And How To Stretch It.
  • Acute Or Chronic Pain And How To Relieve It.
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory Daily Dring – This is a surprise; you may already have the ingredients in your pantry.


You also get an unexpected bonus with the program, which is not advertised on the Back Pain Breakthrough website, but you are presented with once you go on with the payment.

It’s a physical DVD shipped to your home called “5 Minutes To Look Younger“. It’s an anti-aging workout video by a friend and colleague of Dr. Steve Young, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, that promises to make you look 5 to 10 years younger, burn belly fat, and relieve joint pain with just 5-minute workouts per day.

Dr. Young Email Hotline

Finally, with Back Pain Breakthrough you also get special free access to Dr. Steve Young email address for whatever back problem you may have.

Basically, you are not left on your own after the purchase but also get free private consultation if you have any query and he’ll reply to you personally.

However, given the popularity of the program, he humanely cannot answer to everyone who purchase Back Pain Breakthrough. He simply wouldn’t have the time even if he wanted to.

As a result, he had to cap the free consultation to the first 125 spots of a first-come-first-served basis. There’s only one way to the find out if you qualify, just visit the Back Pain Breakthrough site.

Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough

Pack Pain Breakthrough Effectiveness And Legitimacy

Back Pain Breakthrough has been through its paces for 20 years. Not literally, because the program was released recently, but realistically it’s base on the same Targeted Spinale Release protocol that Dr. Young has been using successfully in his practice for decades.

The only difference is that you don’t need to live around Philadelphia anymore to take advantage of his expertise. In fact, you don’t need to live even in the US, but you could be located anywhere in the globe and still benefit from this program immediately.

It’s a digital program instantly available upon purchase (except for the surprise DVD bonus), so you can start going through the program’s drills simply by watching Dr. Young’s demonstration videos.

The bottom line is that this back pain program could not be more effective and legitimate.

Back Pain Breakthrough Customers’ Reviews

Back Pain Breakthrough has already gathered a lot of positive testimonials from satisfied customers since its release. Here are a few screenshots:

ack Pain Breakthrough Testimonial

Back Pain Breakthrough Testimonial

Back Pain Breakthrough Testimonial

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Back Pain Breakthrough


  • Back Pain Breakthrough is a legitimate program for back pain based on a proven protocol called Targeted Spinal Release used for customers’ scores successfully for decades.
  • Created by a highly respected specialist in the field with qualifications and experience to match. Dr. Young is real and super qualified for the job of relieving your back pain.
  • Easy to implement. Watching the demonstration videos is like having Dr. Steve Young in your living room telling you what to do. You can also watch the videos from your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • Very effective. Period. The protocol is the same that Dr. Young has been using on his clients for the last 20 years in his practice. It simply works.
  • It saves you a ton of money on ineffective or temporary solutions like pain killers, chiropractors, and the likes.
  • It prevents you from taking drastic and unnecessary steps like expensive and dangerous surgery.
  • Instantly available online upon purchase. You get a download page for the manuals and immediate access to the videos.
  • You also get private email access for a free consultation (for the first 125 customers, if you are lucky).
  • Very affordable. Right now is $37. Much less than you would spend on any other ineffective solution.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only available as a digital product. This is advantageous in this day and age because you can get the program right away after purchase. However, if you don’t have an internet connection, there is no option to have the protocol delivered at home as a physical product.

Back Pain Breakthrough

==>Click Here To Access The Back Pain Breakthrough Official Website<==

Closing Thoughts

Back Pain Breakthrough is a legitimate protocol for people afflicted by this very common disorder. It’s a well-designed stretching procedure for your hip flexors, the originators of your back pain.

The stretching moves are not the usual, generic exercises you can find online but are specific moves created by an expert in the field with deep knowledge of back pain and professional qualifications.

Back Pain Breakthrough runs on the same Targeted Spinal Release protocol that Dr. Young has been using for decades in his own practice to heal scores of clients.

The program is simple to follow, and you can do it at home at any time in as little as 5 minutes. Not only does the program give you a practical action plan to follow, but it also offers a wealth of additional information and techniques for the most diverse conditions associated with back pain.

Back pain affects not just your back but your quality of life because of its far-reaching consequences on all aspects of life.

Acute and even worse, chronic back pain wreaks havoc on your ability to lead a normal life, making even the simplest tasks like walking, standing, or sleeping a hellish experience.

Back Pain Breakthrough is a quality, affordable solution for anyone suffering from back pain. More importantly, it is effective because it’s the result of years of experience by a qualified doctor.

Particularly if you are considering surgery, you may want to stop where you are and have a look at this program first, safe in the knowledge that it’s a tried and tested protocol by a reputable author with a long history of satisfied clients.

You can also rest assured that a 60-day money-back guarantee covers you.

Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough FAQs

Is The Back Pain Breakthrough Program Off Limits For Seniors?

No. The hip flexor stretches are gentle and progressive. You don’t jump in at full stretch, but you gradually ease yourself in position and can actually break the stretch if you feel uncomfortable. You are in control all the time, but you may want to consult with your doctor first if you have a specific back problem.

Will It Take A Lot Of My Time To Follow?

Not at all. The Back Pain Breakthrough protocol consists of 5-minutes routines of different degrees of difficulty. You have a progressive system that coaxes you with ease, but you also have the choice of additional techniques and moves for other back-related issues.

Is It Legit?

Absolutely yes. Author Dr. Steve Young is real, with his own real practice, qualifications, and a history of helping people resolve their back pain affliction once and for all.

What If I Have A Personal Back Problem? Do I Get Assistance?

Yes. You are not on your own. Dr. Steve Young offers free email consultation for any problem you may have related to your back pain once you purchase the program. However, he can only offer such consultation to 125 clients on a first-come-first-served basis for time constraints.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Back Pain Breakthrough only on the official website:

How Much Is It?

Right now is $37. It may or may not change in the future.

Do I Get Recurring Charges?

No. Back Pain Breakthrough is a one-time payment solution.

What About A Guarantee?

You are covered. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Back Pain Breakthrough

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