Unbiased Alpha Shredding Review – A Smart Plan To A Jacked Body

UPDATE – Alpha Shredding is no longer available. However, there are two very similar, alternative programs focused on body recomposition: burn fat, build muscle, or both. They are very close in focus and structure.

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Alpha Shredding is a workout and nutrition plan designed for men to get shredded with low body fat and strong muscles. The unusual strategy figured out for you in this review.

Alpha Shredding Review

The program makes use of a pyramid and ladder training method coupled with sound but simple eating guidelines.

Alpha Shredding takes 3 weeks to complete but can be extended thereafter for further progression.

It is a simple but effective blueprint for skinny-fat guys and just about anyone stuck in a plateau who wants to be shredded, fit, and muscular year-round and look good on a beach.

Who Is Alpha Shredding For?

Alpha Shredding is a plan that was originally conceived for skinny-fat guys who want to lose fat permanently and get jacked at the same time as Darko did, once and for all (see picture above).

However, it is just as suitable for anyone who is stuck in a plateau, with high body fat and no much muscle to show for, despite having tried hard before through ineffective training and meal planning.

It is also ideal for absolute beginners who want an effective workout and diet blueprint to obtain consistent and permanent results in terms of lean muscle gain and low body fat year-round, avoiding unnecessary setbacks, plateaus, and wasting time.

The plan itself is organized in a 3-week time frame to start with. But it does not need to stop after 3 weeks, you can carry on as required until you reach the maximum of your potential as you see fit.

The 3-week time frame is there just to get you the first, tangible results so as to motivate you to persist and improve even further.

The plan does not imply that you can completely transform your body in just 3 weeks (such a thing does not exist). It just gives you the right direction to yield you the first results in as little as 3 weeks, which in turn will motivate you to carry on the protocol as needed.

In other words, 3 weeks are intended as a foundation and learning period to completely overhaul your training and nutritional approach for later on in life.

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Alpha Shredding

What Is Alpha Shredding?

As the name implies, Alpha Shredding is designed to get you a jacket and shredded, improving your physique while restoring your alpha status, with all the extra benefits that come with it, like more confidence, more happiness, admiration from men, and attraction from women.

But how does it work exactly? Well, it is basically a clear-cut blueprint in a digital format with a simple, effective, and time-efficient workout plan that drastically reduces your time spent at the gym, together with real-life meal planning that does not require you to camp in the kitchen.

The program also comes with PDF workout manuals, tutorial videos, an application for viewing the videos on your smartphone, and a private FaceBook community where to hang around for support and motivation.

While the feasible meal planning, online videos, and manuals are all good and well, what makes this program quite different from any other muscle building and fat burning program out there is that the workout strategy is based on pyramids and ladders, a simple but effective method for muscle and strength gains.

Alpha Shredding Program

Alpha Shredding Workouts

The pyramid and ladder methods have been around for ages but there are different and conflicting ways to put them into practice. For example, you can have ascending and descending pyramids, or ascending ladders as opposed to descending ladders.

In general, this means increasing or decreasing the number of repetitions for each subsequent set and adjusting resistance accordingly, depending on your own level of strength. Each different pyramid or ladder works in a different way and for a different goal.

To a beginner, it may look confusing to get around these set structures for muscle gains and fat loss. To its credit, Alpha Shredding seems to have done a good job at organizing this training protocol, allocating certain types of pyramids to specific exercises and other ladder sets to different movements in the most effective way.

This may save a beginner or someone stuck in plateau months or even years trying to figure out the best use of these ladders and pyramids. Not only are sets and reps covered, but there are also specific weight increase charts for every fitness level and every body type designed to maximize results.

Aaron Darko Alpha Shredding

Pyramid And Ladder Training Strategy

The whole point of these pyramid and ladder sets is to break through the plateaus that often people experience after their initial improvements, which leads to stagnation and lack of progress even for years. A familiar situation.

Basically, Aaron Darko’s Alpha Shredding reorganizes your stale training regimen of repetitive, ineffective fixed sets and repetitions so as to give your body NOT a chance to adapt and go stale, but instead react and grow muscle while burning fat, all at the same time.

Normal bodybuilding literature would have you eating more for bulking and putting on muscle, then cutting to get shredded. The result is a yo-yo kind of fitness regimen that is not very healthy and feasible at the best of times.

In the worst-case scenario, many people cannot even grow muscle while on caloric surplus due to ineffective workout schedules and fail to burn fat permanently while on temporary diets, ending up with a skinny-fat, chubby look month after month, year after year.

Alpha Shredding looks well designed to give you a workout protocol that makes it possible to get into sustainable muscle growth to the best of your potential while reducing body fat as a matter of fact, for an athletic and ripped physique year-round.

The workouts last no more than 45 minutes each for a few hours a week and can be easily slotted into your life and work commitments. The standard protocol is based on weight resistance, if you have access to a gym or have your own free weights at home.

However, there is also an “On The Go” protocol based on bodyweight movements, or calisthenics, for those who dislike gyms or travel around for work or plan a vacation.

This way you are covered whatever your personal circumstances or preferences.

Alpha Shredding Diet

Nutrition is the other aspect of a training protocol that can either make it successful or not. Alpha Shredding includes appropriate and feasible nutritional guidelines in a guide called Alpha Intake Protocol that complements the workouts, in addition to the right tools to implement the plan, like videos, manuals, and the FaceBook community.

The meal planning is really simple and down to hearth, with the macronutrients well balanced and spread out on very few meals a day, NOT 6 meals a day like professional bodybuilders.

The meals are easy to implement, nothing looks too complicated, but most importantly, Aaron Darko stresses the importance of “timing” for the best effect and food absorption.

This is an aspect that is normally neglected in other plans. Timing is crucial, as you have an ideal window of opportunity before and after your workouts and during the day to get the most out of your food intake, depending on which food you eat.

Sure, you can also eat without care for timing, you can still get results, but not as good as when knowing what foods to eat when.

About Aaron Darko

Aaron Darko 2 Aaron Darko is the creator of Alpha Shredding. As often is the case for successful fitness authors, he was a skinny-fat guy who had been training for years day-in-day-out without much to show for.

The breakthrough moment for him came when he came across a training method that has really been around for a long time and proved very effective but is not usually easy to organize and implement (more on this later).

As a result, he experienced fast and marked improvements both in lean muscle gains and fat loss, prompting him to create this program based on the very principles he just learned in order to help people in the same shoes as he was before.

He now has a vast following and online presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ThePicta.com, and scores of people who had been following successfully his program with plenty of satisfied and grateful formerly skinny-fat customers.

Alpha Shredding PDF And Components

Alpha Shredding is an entirely digital program with nothing shipped to your door. This means you have instant access to the program upon purchase and you can reference it on your smartphone wherever you train, or your PC or tablet.

There are 4 main components and 2 bonuses included, as detailed below:

Alpha Shredding Workouts The Alpha Shredding Workouts

This is the bread and butter of the program, the training method that makes it possible to break through stagnation and spur muscle growth and fat burning at the same time.

It consists of a video library showcasing how to perform the exercises and how to implement the pyramid and ladder training method.

It gives you customized guidance so that you know how to go about the selection of weights according to your current experience level and body type, with detailed weight selection charts.

Alpha Shredding Intake Protocoll The Alpha Intake Protocol

A real-life, sustainable meal planning that does NOT require you to live in the kitchen to prepare many meals throughout the day.

Instead, this nutritional planning revolves around a few simple, well-balanced dishes with all the carbs, proteins, and fats in the right mix, to be eaten at specific times for best nutritional gains, depending on foods.


Alpha Shredding Spreadsheet Exclusive Shred Sheet

A mobile-friendly PDF workout plan where you can log your progress so you know where you are going, whether you are improving or need to address a particular aspect of your training.

This way you can find out immediately what your strong points are and what needs to be improved instead, preventing stagnation of body parts lagging behind.


Alpha On The Go

This component lets you view your workouts, pyramids, ladders, and exercises right on your phone, at the gym, or wherever you are.

It lets you run a quick check of sets and repetition so you can memorize them and implement them right before you start your workout.


Alpha Shredding Hotel Protocol Hotel Shred Protocol

A very useful addition to the standard workout protocol. Many people nowadays do not want or cannot join a gym due to personal choice or lifestyle.

Aaron Darko gets this common requirement covered by offering a bodyweight-only solution for those who cannot or do not want to train with free weights or machines.

These calisthenic movements are compound or multi-joint exercises like pushups, pull-ups, and many more to get your metabolic rate high, burn fat, and grow lean muscle at the same time.

Alpha Shredding Supplement List Mega Supplement Cheat Sheet

A useful addition for those who would like to use a few supplements but do not want to waste their money on useless concoctions.

It gives you valuable knowledge on which brands and supplements are good and which ones are a waste of your money.

However, this guide is not meant as an invitation to actually buy supplements. Quite the opposite, Aaron Darko is adamant that you can very well do without any.

However, this knowledge is there for you only in case you want to supplement your nutritional intake without wasting money on the useless ones in the process.

Alpha Shredding Package

Closing Thoughts

Alpha Shredding is a simple, yet effective workout and nutritional protocol designed to achieve quick and permanent results both in muscle gains and fat loss, for a shredded and jacked look year-round.

It makes use of pyramid and ladder training methods organized in a practical and effective way so as to help you break through stagnation and quickly achieve the first significant results within 3 weeks.

This first “acquaintance” period is designed to get you accustomed to this new training method and motivate you to carry on the program for the time being in order to achieve your full potential.

As such, it is a sound workout protocol to get you a healthy, lean, and jacked physique in permanent mode and a useful tool to overcome plateaus in your training life.





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