A Complete Guide To Thermogenesis & Its Effects On The Human Body

Obesity is a huge problem in the present world, and many people are suffering from serious health issues because of it. 

Coronary diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, all of these deadly diseases can be caused by obesity. So, it is of utmost importance that people reduce obesity and unhealthy fats to live a healthier life. 

One revolutionary method for reducing fat is thermogenesis.

What Is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis basically means heating up your body to burn the extra fat. The body heats up by burning calories, which is related to metabolism.

The body can heat up and burn calories in three different ways that are –

EAT (Exercise Associated Thermogenesis)

This includes various workout routines to burn calories. You will have to intentionally try out different forms of exercises to get the best result.


NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

This burns calories by doing simple things like cooking, standing, or typing. These are all non-sporting activities, but they also work in burning calories.

DIT (Diet-Induced Thermogenesis)

This includes the calories you burn to digest, store, and absorb the food you consume. This is also referred to as the thermic effect of food. 

Relation Between Thermogenesis & Metabolism

Thermogenesis, in the simplest of terms, means the creation of heat, and almost all metabolic activity in a living organism creates heat, which helps keep the body warm. 

So, the two are very much related and are often described by the term “Metabolic Thermogenesis”. This helps maintain both the temperature of the body and the fat level of the body. 

Usually, someone with a high level of fat will have higher metabolic thermogenesis, meaning they will feel warmer than average people because they burn more calories than someone who has very little fat.

The Thermic Effect of Food 


The thermic effect of food occurs if you are taking larger meals rather than small ones that contain protein and carbohydrates. 

Therefore, because of the thermic effect of food, your body increases your metabolism rate and burns more calories just by consuming calories. Even though it may sound a lot, it only burns about 5-10 percent of the calories you consume. 

For example, if you consume food having 1000 calories, you will burn about 50-100 calories because of the thermic effect of food, and the net calories you gain are about 900-950 calories.

The Thermic Effect of Activity

The thermic effect of activity refers to the burning of calories in your body that occur when you are doing any sort of activity like swimming, running, or even just walking around. 

This contributes to about 15-30 percent of your body’s total calorie burnout. This, however, can vary from person to person, depending on how many calories are stored in their body and how much activity they are partaking in every day. 

The reason is when you do physical activities, you are consuming much more energy, and to replenish that energy, your body needs to burn fat and calories rapidly.

How Thermogenesis Influences Weight Loss?


Thermogenesis can significantly influence weight loss, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Thermogenesis refers to the phenomenon of the burning of fat and calories in your body, and there are many ways you can control this fat burning. 

Here are a few examples

1. Balanced Diet

By understanding the thermic effect of food, you can control your diet and increase the thermogenesis of your body. As mentioned before, thermogenesis occurs more when you consume protein or carbohydrates

Here, even though consuming carbohydrates burns a lot of calories, it can create a lot of additional calories as well. But proteins, on the other hand, burn a lot of calories without creating extra calories. 

So, if you are willing to burn calories to reduce weight, consume a sufficient amount of protein but not carbohydrates.

2. Regular Physical Activities

It is a very common idea that the more activity you do per day, the more thermogenesis occurs in your body and the calories keep on burning. 

This is the most common method of reducing weight because thermogenesis caused by physical activity works at a rapid rate. When you start working out, your body will heat up, and you will start sweating.

As you perform more intensive exercises, you dissipate more heat. This way, your body burns calories through physical activities and through producing heat.

3. External Environment

This is the least influencing factor because even though your body can create additional heat in your body by responding to environmental changes, the amount is very low compared to the other two. 

If the environmental temperature drops, your body will automatically produce a little warmth, but this is nothing significant.

Is it Possible to Increase Thermogenesis?

By utilizing all three types of thermogenesis activities like the EAT, NEAT, and DIT, you will be able to significantly increase the burning of calories in your body. 

Diet and physical activities are two major components of thermogenesis, and since you can easily control these two components, you can also increase thermogenesis. 

Try performing more intense and longer workout routines and exercises while also eating more protein and foods that include capsaicin to increase thermogenesis in your body.

Supplements For Thermogenic Fat Burning

In addition to the normal thermogenic fat-burning procedures, you can also use thermogenic fat burners. One very useful fat burner is Pyroxamine. Pyroxamine is a very effective fat-burning supplement that has shown positive results. 

Pyroxamine not only helps you burn your calories, but it also helps increase the level of metabolic rate, lifts up your mood, and increases your energy and attention span. So, this supplement can also be of great help.

Additionally, glucomannan-based supplements can help you burn fat by making you feel fuller between meals, naturally decreasing your appetite and calorie intake, thus making you burn excess fat.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to keep your body fit to lead a healthy & long life. Thermogenesis can greatly help you achieve the fitness and health you are striving for. Hopefully, this article has shown you the effectiveness of thermogenesis, and now you can use it for your benefit.

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