30 Day Glutes Factory Review – Is It Really Effective?

The 30 Day Glutes Factory is a highly focused blueprint designed to improve the shape of your booty. It is a product by dedicated YouTube channel Femniqe. The program contains the very best workouts and nutritional guidelines for your booty organized in a practical 30-day format. You can then carry on the blueprint as long as you need.

This is the ideal program for women self-conscious of their derriere, be it because of not shapely enough, too flat, too small, too weak, or a combination of these factors.

Women’s glutes add great pose and femininity to any lady’s body, making her feel instantly sexier and more comfortable in her own skin. If only was that easy, though.

But fear not, because this new booty program called 30 Day Glutes Factory is not a quick fix, rickety-rackety plan slapped together by some obscure author just for the sake of capitalizing on this common womanly issue.

It gives you the compound knowledge of a highly respected booty fitness YouTube channel featuring tons of videos on booty workouts and nutrition. In essence, this plan was put together by someone who knows what she is talking about.

Who Is It For?

This program is suitable for women who have a strong desire to improve the look of their glutes but are also prepared to work hard for it.

30 Day Glutes Factory Review

In fact, for this program to work you need to follow a regular schedule of demanding workouts which also include the use of extra weights  (dumbbells and barbells), not just bodyweight exercises.

You could call The 30 Day Glutes Factory a booty-building program if you like, so you would expect the same demanding routines of a standard bodybuilding program, just focused on the derriere.

Fortunately, the program is simple and well organized in its layout with a calendar that includes the workouts and demonstration videos for easy implementation.

How Does The 30 Day Glutes Factory Work?

Rather than sifting through tons of information, this plan gives you a clear-cut 30-day template organized in a progressive way, with clear guidelines on workout and nutrition, day by day, week by week, with descriptions and tutorial videos on how to perform the exercises.

The core of the program is a calendar with all the workouts laid out in simple and clear terms. Each exercise is described concisely with a demonstration of mini videos at the end so as to avoid using bad form.

All the workouts described in the calendar are structured in two parts: an activation part followed by isolation exercises (more on the workouts later).

But the program also contains useful nutritional guidelines, including a special shake formula devised to enhance the gluteus muscles and specific diets as used by fitness models and Instagram influencers to get their dream-like booties.

All in all, the 30 Day Glutes Factory is a practical and effective program without unnecessary information and fillers. Only the best workouts and nutrition for the job are included, as per the experience of the dedicated Femniqe brand.

With this program, you only get what really works and that’s it.

Also check out our other booty program reviews, like the Booty Type Training, Bigger Better Butt, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, and 14 Day Perfect Booty.What About The Workouts?

The workouts are laid out in a 3-day per week fashion, for a total of 4 weeks. This does not mean that you stop at the end of the cycle, but you can carry on as needed over and over until you are satisfied.

The 30-day time frame is there to give you the chance to appreciate your first tangible results and then take it from there. The routines are somewhat easier at the start of the program and become harder and harder as you get to the end of the 4th week.

In any case, each workout session always starts with an easy glutes activation sequence, followed by a harder glutes isolation sequence. At the start of the plan, you can get away with just bodyweight exercises but as you progress through the cycle you need to be using some equipment (more on this later).

The meat and potato of the 30 Day Glutes Factory is the calendar, very easy to follow. There you will find the breakdown of the cycle split into 4 weeks with 3 workouts per week.

Each workout is given an alphabet letter, progressing from workout A all the way to workout L at the end. No workout is the same, the exercises change frequently to hit your glutes muscles thoroughly from every angle and increase in intensity as you go along.

At the end of each workout description, there is a link to the video tutorials showcasing each and every movement for that workout. Basically, you read the workout exercise description, watch the short tutorial videos, and do it yourself, plug, and play style.


What Are The Exercises Like?

First off, each workout description details exactly how long each set should last and how long you should you rest between. For example, you typically get short, 20-second rest times between the light activation sets.

But then you switch to longer 30 to 60-second rests between the more challenging isolation exercises. These are actually the movements that will sculpt and around your booty.

Each activation part of the workouts includes 4 to 5 warm-up sets, then the isolation part includes 12 to 18 working sets, depending on the workout and part of the cycle.

The exercises are not a walk in the park, as you would expect from a program that has as priority re-shaping, filling, and building bigger glutes muscles. They generally work by extending time under tension with 5-second “squeezes” at the top range of the exercise, before each repetition.

The result is a build-up of your total work-load and fatigue which eventually will trigger an increase in the mass of the 3 muscles making up the glutes, the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius.

Few Sample Exercises

This is just a random list of a few of the exercises available in no particular order.

Activation Moves

  • Butterfly Hip Stretch
  • Hip Rotators
  • Frog Stretch
  • Donkey Lateral Kicks
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Bridge
  • Reverse Glute Bridge
  • One-Leg Elevated Bridge
  • Bridge March

Isolation Moves

  • Dumbbell Hip Thrust
  • Deep Squat Pulses
  • Barbell Hip Thrust
  • Dumbbell Kneeling Squats
  • Reverse Lounges With Dumbbells
  • Bent Leg Kickbacks
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Single Leg Barbell Hip Freeze
  • Deadlift Squeeze
  • Lateral Goblet Lounges

Do You Need Equipment?

If you were hoping to find a booty sculpting program that you can do at home without gear, you are out of luck. You can certainly do the program at home, but you would still need a set of dumbbells and a barbell with plates so that you can adjust the resistance as you get stronger.

Ideally, a good basic home setup or a gym will do the job. Unfortunately, if you really want to fully engage your booty, basic bodyweight-only exercises do have limitations.

As you progress through the program, only additional resistance offered by equipment can ensure that you get your glutes fully stimulated.

The 30 Day Glutes Factory is basically a booty-building program, the same as in bodybuilding. You need the weights, and you need the correct nutrition and the program gives you just that. As simple as that.

Benefits Of The 30 Day Glutes Factory Program

This is a highly focused program that provides you with a good deal of benefits, including but not limited to:

Guaranteed Results – Even though results will vary from person to person, the workout routines and the nutritional part of the program are based on sound bodybuilding tenets: progressive overload over time, balanced nutrition, and rest. However, you need to be consistent and dedicated or it won’t work.

Highly Specific – The sets and repetition range and the rest times are optimized for hypertrophy and strength but with highly specific exercises that will target your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus from all angles.

The workouts make use of a vast array of techniques to squeeze out every fiber from your glutes, like concentric and eccentric repetitions, extended time under tension, static squeezes at the top of repetitions, and so on.

Easy To Follow – The calendar comes with descriptions of sets, repetitions, rest times, and demonstration videos for all exercises. You cannot go wrong.

Nutritional Guidelines – All you need to know about what to eat and when is included, so you’ll know that your booty muscles are being fed a proper diet after the strenuous workouts and will grow.

Any Testimonials?

There are plenty of original testimonials from satisfied women showing off their results on their website. These are all original and unique testimonials and are not taken from other websites or stock photos. You can view them here.

30 Day Glutes Factory

Who Is Femniqe?

Femnique is a long-established YouTube channel and brand with 353,375 subscribers as of now. It is a channel dedicated mainly to transform your glutes or lose body fat with the goal of building you a dream body.

Over the last 4 years, they have created tons of informational videos on topics such as booty, hips, small waist, losing fat, Brazilian butt lift, cardio, lips, bubble bum, sexy legs, hourglass figure, getting rid of stretch marks, and a ton of other female-oriented topics like these.

The 30 Day Glutes Factory Program contains the quintessential knowledge of this channel, as it was created precisely to help women get the booty of their dreams.

Conclusion On The 30 Day Glutes Factory Program

This program must be one of the most comprehensive and well-designed out there on the topic of female glutes. It does not leave anything to chance and what is there are tried and tested methods for building glutes muscles.

All the exercises are highly specific and designed to hit all 3 muscles making up the glutes from every possible angle. The result can only be a firmer, rounder, and sculpted booty, as testified by tons of testimonials.

This booty-building digital program contains all the information you need to achieve the booty of your dreams, including video tutorials and nutrition.

The 30 Day Glutes Factory is designed on a 30-day time frame but can be carried on as long as you need it until your goals are satisfied, plus it comes with a handy money-back guarantee, just in case.

This program comes in digital format only, you can access it immediately on your smartphone, tablet, or PC without waiting for deliveries,  and cannot be purchased on Amazon or any store but only downloaded from their official website.

30 Day Glutes Factory

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