14 Day Perfect Booty Review – The Perky Booty Plan Scrutinized

Looking for a review of 14 Day Perfect Booty? Here you will find out how this program works and what the benefits, pros, and cons of this program are.

This is a women-only blueprint that addresses the topic of how to get perfect and perky glutes. The root of the problem is quite revealing and its solution nothing less than surprising. The workouts take just a few minutes each day for 2 weeks.

What Is The 14 Day Perfect Booty?

The “14 Day Perfect Booty” is a program created by a woman for women that specifically targets the glutes. The plan promises to substantially improve your booty overall tone, shape, and roundness in as little as 2 weeks and is based on completely different exercises from the typical squats and lounges.

According to the author, these traditional exercises do not have anything wrong in themselves, but they are not the best movements to obtain a round, firm booty simply because women’s anatomy, hips, and spine are radically different from men’s.

Squats and lounges do help strengthen your butts and thighs, just like they do for men, but they are not specific enough for women in that they do not target the muscles of your spine and lower back which, surprisingly enough, are key to obtain pert, round and toned butts.

According to the author, women’s anatomy is vastly different from men’s, therefore a need for a different set of workouts to match women’s different needs.

14 Day Perfect Booty Review

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How Does It Work?

The program is structured in a 2-week layout and consists of daily workouts of  12 minutes to be performed at home, no need for home gyms, equipment, or fitness memberships. It is a digital-only program, which means there are no added operational costs like storage, inventory, and delivery involved.

It is immediately available on purchase through a download link, plus it gives access to a video library that you can view on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Here is the theory about the program:

The Erector Spinae And The “Saggy Butt Syndrome”

This is a popular definition to indicate an excessive tightness of all the muscles contributing to booty stiffness and sagginess, that is the glutes, the lower back, the Erector Spinae, and the upper thigh muscles.

According to Alli, most women have a combination of tight and weak muscle parts that create an unbalance in your butt appearance, but one muscle particularly stands out as the main culprit for a saggy booty or conversely as the most important for a perky, sexy booty, the Erector Spinae.

This muscle is made up of the Iliocostalis, Longissimus, and Spinalis that run along the vertebrae from the bottom of the skull to the hips. This muscle enables you to bend forward and extend back at the waist.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle or exercise neglect, the Erector Spinae can become weak, affecting also your glutes and thighs.

Basically, it alters your posture making your lower back as straight as a washing board, rather than curvy, dragging in your glutes and thighs as well.

14 Day Perfect Booty Workouts


14 Day Perfect Booty Exercises

Conversely, the author says that a healthy and strong Erector Spinae improves your spine curvature, helping lift your booty, giving it the much sought-after curves. However, when it is weak, it leads to a flat lower back and drooping butts.

The exercises in 14 Day Perfect Booty revolve around strengthening your lower back and Erector Spinae. That is not to say that squats and lounges are useless. Quite the opposite, they do actually build muscle mass that you need to fill in your blue jeans or bikini, however they do nothing for your back curvature, and this is where the program fills in the gap.

Men do not have this problem of the need to have a curvy lower back to lift their booties, of course. All they care for is lifting as much as possible and building herculean proportions, their backs are naturally straighter than women anyway. Their whole set up is different, and so should be their training.

14 Day Perfect Booty Workouts

Most exercises for the lower back are unsuitable for women precisely because men’s backs are different right from the start.

Because of this, the workouts in 14 Day Perfect Booty are different and focused on women’s backs only.

They are designed to restore women’s naturally curvy shape in order to enhance and lift their booty, for even the strongest butts from tons of squats will not look at their best without the curvature and lift from the lower back.

We found this program unique in addressing this issue. The author also claims that re-shaping your butt can make you look 1 to 15 years younger as well. We are not too convinced about this claim, however, we agree that a fit body may make you look youthful and even younger but without any set reference number.

About Alli Kerr

alli kerr

The program was created by Alli Kerr, a top fitness model with a degree in Exercise Science who also won Ms. Universe Figure and displays an outstanding level of fitness, including a remarkable booty, of course. Her references are all over Google.

According to her, it wasn’t always like that, and indeed she had struggled for years with a booty and thighs that were not in line with the rest of her body. It took her many years of trial and error to finally conclude that the key to a perfect “derriere” for women was not in hammering glutes and thighs with squats and lunges.

The key was the lower back and the spine, so she came up with a set of workouts specifically designed to strengthen them. Upon implementing these exercises, she experienced a quick and noticeable improvement that ultimately led her to win fitness contests and turn her booty into her strongest asset.

The next step was to create this program to help women with the same problem, as a “saggy booty syndrome” looks like a very common issue many women have to deal with.

14 Day Perfect Booty PDF And Contents

The program comes in a mix of digital formats, PDFs manuals, online videos plus 2 bonuses. Below a breakdown of the plan.

Main Program 

  • Perfect Booty Pdf Manual – This is the foundation of the program. In it you will find all the theory involved and instructions on how to build a perfect booty, tone your thighs, and burn cellulite in 14 days.
  • Perfect Booty Exercise Video Library – The ideal complement to the manual. There is a set of 56 demonstration videos played by Alli Kerr so that you know exactly how to implement the workouts.

14 day perfect booty

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  • Workout Video Booty Blast – This is an advanced weekly video workout to follow along. It was designed by the author in order to burn even the most stubborn fat or accelerate results.
  • Yoga Booty Flow – This is an additional part of the program concerned with your mind. It teaches you how to relax your mind and improve you body recovery times. It can be used together with any program you may already follow, not just the 14 Day Perfect Booty.

The Bottom Line

14 Day Perfect Booty is a simple and easy-to-follow fitness and re-shaping program specifically for women’s booty. It addresses the problem of getting a perky, curvy, and sexy booty with an original approach designed to improve lower back curvature which in turn generates a booty lift.

The plan does that by targeting the lower back muscles and specifically the Erector Spinae that alone is the most responsible for a womanly, curvy back. It is therefore not a substitute for squats and lunges,  but an additional blueprint that targets your lower back and spine in order to lift your glutes.

14 day perfect booty

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