0 6 Pack Abs Review – The Core Activation Plan Exposed

0 6 Pack Abs Review – The Core Activation Plan Exposed
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0 6 pack abs

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Thanks for stopping by. 0 6 Pack Abs is a one of a kind program in the ab/six pack range.

The name implies going from zero to a six pack following a progressive workout blueprint that has absolutely nothing to do with traditional exercises like crunches, side bends and sit-ups and put emphasis on injury prevention.

In this review you will find what the benefits, pros and cons are, how it works and who it is suitable for.

What Is 0 6 Pack Abs?

0 6 Pack Abs relies on a set of natural movements more in line to what mother nature intended, with the back up of the knowledge and expertise of a doctor, Dr James Vegher, who co-authored the plan with Tyler Bramlett. It is a complete departure from anything you knew about abs workouts.

Overview On The Authors

Tyler Bramlett is a fitness expert popularly known as “Garage Warrior” who runs his own website  where he helps visitors with tips and exercises customized to their own body type.

tyler bramlett james vecherDr. Vegher is a therapist with over 22 years of experience with Basic Core Activation Techniques for the abdominal section. Tyler Bramlett became intrigued and involved in these techniques as they helped his wife recover from pregnancy much better than any regular exercise he knew.

Having witnessed first hand how effective these Basic Core Activation exercises were, he changed his mind on the traditional methods he was using and persuaded Dr Vegher to join force with him to create a new, revolutionary program for abs for everyone, men and women, called 0-6 Pack Abs.

This means that this plan is not just simply backed up by a doctor, but is co-authored.

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How Can 0 6 Pack Abs Benefit You?

The plan is focused on a set of natural movements  designed as mother nature intended that are effective in targeting the abdominal rectus and obliques, reducing waist girth and sculpting your abs without straining your spine or even injuring yourself.

The exercises strikingly mimic also what infants naturally do without any knowledge of their own bodies during the different stages of their development, from sitting, to crawling on 4, to standing, walking and eventually  running.

These natural bio-mechanic movements are then harnessed into an actionable plan divided into different phases and levels of difficulty (scroll down for more).

Crunches – Side Bends – Sit-Ups Side Effects

Despite being used the world all over by people from all walks of life, here is what traditional ab exercises allegedly do according to the authors.

  • Crunches –  They only target the rectus abdominis, and since your rectus abdominis  runs from the top to the bottom of your stomach, regular crunches cannot shrink your waist, they can even make your belly stick out more. We are not too sure about the last statement, as a tout rectus abdominis muscle would not stick out, only fat on top of it would make it stick out.
  • Side Bends – Useless to flatten bellies or even to “eliminate love handles”. This is allegedly because the oblique muscles function is to rotate your upper body left and right rather then bending it from side to side.  They may even cause injury by  “improperly coordinating the stabilizers of your core.”  While we appreciate that side bends may not be the best movement around to activate safely and effectively the obliques, we are less convinced about the”love handles” issue. Love handles are just extra fat, and again that has more to do with diet rather than exercise, right or wrong.
  • Sit-Ups – They can cause back injury. The movement is highly stressful to the spine and can cause disk herniation. The authors back up their claim with a study by Dr. Stuart McGill that showed that repetitive flexion and extension of the spine while doing sit-ups caused spinal disk herniation. You can read more here and here.  However, the authors go on saying that because sit-ups target the rectus abdominis muscles it means that it can cause not just injury but also your belly to get bigger. Again, we think this is a bit of a marketing exaggeration. Fat is the culprit here, not the spine or the rectus abdominis.

0 6 Pack Abs Layout And Structure

0 6 pack abs

The program is scheduled on a 3 day a week time frame and the core sessions can last as little as 10 minutes. It has a simple 2 phase layout, each phase structured into 4 levels of increasing difficulty. The plan also includes a Quick Start Guide and a Video Library plus few bonuses and it comes in digital format only, no deliveries.

Here is the breakdown.

  • Quick Start Guide – All you need to get you started right from the start before you dig down into the program details.

Phase 1 – This is the foundation of the program. It consist of 4 different levels of intensity to be implemented  with the aid of manual, video and mp3 files. Demonstrative pictures and videos are good quality and leave no room for error.

The exercises do not require any equipment and become increasingly difficult as you progress through the program. The movements target the whole core muscles with the aim to tone and toughen your mid section with effective and comfortable movements, the natural way.

Phase 2 – This is the intense part of the program, the one delivering the coveted six pack abs, provided you have done the phase 1 foundation. This phase is implemented through a technique called “Micro Progression”, which means the workouts last only 2 to 8 minutes but are very intense so as to be time efficient, not just effective. There are 56 different exercises with the help of the video library to follow along. This assures variety and prevents boredom.

  • The Video Library – This is a good quality video collection that you can play one by one as you progress through the plan or watch in one go as you please.

Who Is 0 6 Pack Abs Suitable For?

The program is designed for everyone, men and women, old and young, but most importantly for anyone who wants to target his/her abs in a safe and effective way without the risk of injury.

There is considerable knowledge and expertise involved, and it is the net result of the life commitment of 2 professional experts, one a doctor, the other a fitness coach. We think that for range and scope this abs targeted program is better than other similar programs.

It offers a novel and safe way to get a six pack, helps prevents injury, and is supported by ton of handy material, videos, manuals and mp3 to make it thorough and accurate to follow through.

What Can 0 6 Pack Abs Do For You?

This abs plan is one of a kind in that it relies on physical therapy knowledge, rather than regular fitness routines. It dispenses with traditional exercises like sit-ups and crunches and instead employs natural core movements that are comfortable on your spine, but hard and effective on your front abs and obliques.

It is particularly useful to those who suffer from back pain or have accrued injury or back problems through traditional ab workouts. But is also useful to those who were never injured before but want a safe and proven way to get a six pack without set backs along the way.

We thing that this program is both a preventive and therapeutic method to effectively training abs and obliques.

The Program Positive And Negative Points

Good Points

  • Designed By Professionals – One a fitness expert, the other a doctor with over 20 years experience in physical therapy.
  • Unusual And Effective – The workouts have nothing to do with regular ab exercises, but are very effective.
  • Prevents Injury – The exercises target you abs in way safe to your spine, avoiding compression.
  • It Helps Recover From Injury – The Core Activation exercises devised by Dr. Vegher are the result of a life time commitment to helping others.
  • Time Saving And Effective – The workouts last for only few minutes each and can be performed at home or anywhere.
  • Thorough And Accurate – The program comes in multi media format with tons of videos, mp3, manuals and pictures to follow.
  • Convenient – The plan is digital and instantly available upon purchase via download, no need to wait for deliveries.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee  – The authors are so adamant on the validity of their product that they have a refund policy in place just in case.

Negative Points

  • The claims against traditional exercises like sit-ups and crunches or side bends are a bit exaggerated and one sided, especially in regards to make your stomach protrude even more. However, this detracts nothing from the validity of the program.

The Bottom Line – Is 0 6 Pack Abs Any Good?

Like other fitness or abs program 0 6 Pack Abs is no exception and it comes also with a little negative point (see above), however the general impression and conclusions is that this is an above average ab program designed on unusually professional foundations.

It is the only six pack abs program that we know of with a medical physical therapy input. This means that all the workouts are not only  effective and accurately targeted at the abs,  but also prevent injury and help you recover from one.

The plan is time effective, the sessions take few minutes to complete and it offers a unique and safe way to get a six pack.

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