Visual Impact Muscle Building Complete Review.

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Does Visual Impact Muscle Building work? Is it an effective program by a knowledgeable author? These are the main points.

Good Points:

  • Simple and to the point layout
  • Comprehensive workout protocol for that special muscular and lean look
  • Targets real life, hard, lean and sexy results rather than buff, oversized “meat head” proportions
  • Trusted and tested author with scores of good looking, model-like satisfied customers
  • Friendly and down to earth prose and delivery
  • Totally natural
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Bad Points:

  • A bit lean, generic nutritional plan based on calorie counting without specifics on foods

What Is Visual Impact Muscle Building Exactly? Why Such A Name?

The catchy name of the program stresses the importance of good looks as the key factor for muscle development. Muscle building alone is not guarantee of a physically pleasant or even functional body and Rusty Moore goes into few short video presentations to make his point that big and strong male bodies may not necessarily be the best looking ones.

This program is designed to achieve a somewhat slimmer, but densely muscular and lean physique described by the author like as “angular”, with square pecs, abs and body lines, a way like another to express a dense, toned look with all the skin tightly rapped around those lean muscles in a ripped and sexy package, a lean “Hollywood look”. The sort of physique you would expect from Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig. It is a far cry from the huge and strong but round, puffy, bloated look of traditional bodybuilding.

More importantly, the protocol of the program is designed to achieve long lasting, permanent results and has nothing to to with the usual bulk and cut of old school bodybuilding. The program actually gives a blueprint to reach permanent low fat and definition around your muscles in a completely different way than the old, temporary and unhealthy bulk and cut system. More on this later.

The author: Rusty Moore has 24 years of training experience and dedication to fitness and the best methods for training naturally for the best possible look, not just in swimming shorts but also in trendy clothes. We have to agree that all too often, huge beefy guys do not look too well in short, nor in a pair of jeans or in a suit. So he marketed this program with a different kind of person in mind, someone who is not looking for just size at any cost, but is more concerned with aesthetics in a lean, athletic package.

He is also a character in that while a fitness expert and enthusiast, he also likes the sea, boats and having a good beer, if and when required. We liked that, as it gives a more balanced outlook on the man and what is good in life, not just fitness. But back to the program.

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Typical Sins – Bulky Muscle And Deadly Lifts

visual impact muscle building

According to the author, the greatest culprits that cause an over sized, buff look are the very kinds of exercises that are considered the staple movements of all body building projects, the dead lift, the squat and the bench press.

These 3 compound movements are considered by all the most taxing on your body and nervous system, therefore spurring muscle growth.

The problem is than by applying “non targeted” muscle growth with these movements you end up looking like a curvy, beefy meat head, he says. Very strong and impressive for sure, but not necessarily the best looking.

He points out like bulging quads and obliques break the linearity of your physique making you look “curvy” and out of proportion, even if mighty strong, both on the beach or in nice clothes. So a key point on the program is taking it easy on these compound movements, for even though they have their time and place, it is the way they are performed that must be change, which bring us to the next point.

We are not fully convinced on this point, as we think a low body fat and a ripped look is achievable even doing the big compound movements.

What Are The Foundations Of Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Apart from the 3 big lifts (questionable), a more disastrous problem is a training regimen excessively based on relatively higher range repetitions responsible for Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy as opposed to Myofibrillar Hypertrophy induced by low and very low repetition ranges.

Higher repetition range from 6 up to 15 with relatively short rest periods cause a build up of lactic acid and a quick adaptation of your muscle to actually increase their muscle cell size with fluids.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy Vs Myofibrillar Hypertrophy – Buff Vs Lean

The results is a fast increase in muscle size and also relative strength to go with the size, but this size comes with a fuzzy, pumped up look. On the contrary, a very short repetition range of around 1 to 3 brings out a myofibrillar hypertrophy, which is growth of actual fiber, not fluid within.

However, while training for strength increases the definition of the muscle giving it the much coveted dense look, the muscle itself won’t grow much in size and will look flat, also the strength gains will eventually stop with its size, unless you also strategically implemented cycles of high rep range, sarcoplasmic training before.

Plus, than there is a hybrid repetition range around 4/5 that brings out the best of both and should also be included in the training regimen to increase density and size at the same time.

The point that Rusty Moore makes is to shift the balance away from an excessive sarcoplasmic, mass range (6/15) and more towards a myofibrillar, density range (1/3), though there is space for both. He is not against high range, size building repetitions as long as these are strategically switched to low range density, hard look repetitions as required.

In other words, you need both, it is the balance that needs to be shifted. Too much low range repetitions cause you to look harder but undersized, and too many high range repetitions cause you to look bigger and bulkier but also softer and buff. So far so good, we appreciate the point and actually agree on it.

Nothing new here. Whoever has been working out for a while knows that you need to mix higher with lower repetition range at some stage.

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Visual Impact Rule – Shrink And Wrap For A Permanent Ripped Look

visual impact muscle building review

The program offers a unique way to achieve definition. Definition is normally achieved by getting your skin to wrap around your abs, filling tightly into the grooves and showing your muscles in any light. However, the way Visual Impact Muscle Building achieves this takes on a completely different route.

The old bodybuilding school revolves around bulking up for size and then cutting carbs and calories before a contest in order to get your body fat low and increase definition on your muscles, then eat loads of carbs to overcompensate with glycogen and get the muscles bigger and tighter in your skin.

The problem is that this practice is temporary, lasts at most 72 hours or so, and also while your fat may have decrease a lot, your skin may have not had time to shrink to your new body and waist size, effectively being slack and loose, therefore not wrapping around your six pack tight enough.

Advanced Ripped Technique

This is where it gets interesting. Since skin shrinking is slower that fat burning, the program implements an advanced strategy, offered as a free bonus, that has been widely used by A list celebrities to get them in pick conditions for their roles. This technique involves cutting down calories while exercising in the strength, low range (1/3) repetition range precisely with the purpose of losing some sarcoplasmic, fluid muscle size, around 5 to 10 pounds lighter than your final targeted body weight.

In other words you while training for strength at the same time and your muscle and overall size goes smaller than the final size you are after. Doing this for a couple of months gives the skin time to adapt to your new, smaller waist and body size and fit tightly around it. Next, enter the dragon.

Now that your physique is as hard and small as it gets with your skin already tight around it, re-introduce the high range (6 to 15) sarcoplasmic fluid repetitions for muscle mass about 3 weeks before a contest (or the beach) but without even increasing carbohydrates and here we go, your muscle will actually fill into your skin even tighter, making you look awesome ripped in all lights and conditions. You can then keep it that way by switching back to low repetition range later on while keeping your calorie intake on track.

Standard Technique

There is also a standard technique that involves reducing your body fat gradually over 6 to 8 weeks without losing muscle mass at all. This gives your skin plenty of time to shrink around your muscle for excellent definition.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Cycles – How Do They Work?

The program uses a protocol of 3 subsequent phases plus 1 bonus phase organized in a pyramid structure and tailored as a 4, 6 or 9 months program, so it is very flexible depending on your needs or goals. Normally, the program lasts 6 months and the cycles go as follows:

Phase 1 – Sarcoplasmic Growth, normally lasting 2 months though it can be tweaked. First of all, grow in size. This is done by focusing on the sarcoplasmic growth of fluid inside your muscle cells, using a 6 to 15 repetition range with brief rest periods in order to achieve fatigue and pump. However, the program also advices on not to go overboard with popular intensity techniques like drop sets and the likes.

Done indiscriminately, this approach can blow your muscles into oblivion rather than growth. The phase 1 teaches you how to hit the sweet spot for optimal sarcoplasmic growth without annihilating your muscles. The net effect is fast muscle growth and size. What we liked is that Rusty Moore also gives indications and insight on how it feels like when you are building mass, so you know you are on the right track without relying just on numbers but listening to your body, and it is not about feeling sore like hell.

Phase 2 – Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar Hybrid Training, again lasting 2 months that can be tweaked. This phase is the necessary transition step before the full myofibrillar, contractile tissue phase. With a repetition range of about 4/5, your muscles are primed to get denser and gain strength on the mass you have already built upon, improving definition while still working on the size department to an extent.

Phase 3 – Maximum Density And Definition Training. This is the final, full on phase to bring all density and definition out of your muscles. The repetition range goes as down as 2/4 while losing extra fat with High Intensity Interval Training. In this phase you are likely to hit all your personal bests in all lifts while actually losing fat. Because you have already built muscle size before, you’ll become stronger even while losing body fat. In fact, this is the last phase prepping the shrink and wrap effect of above which is offered as a free bonus, bringing out extreme definition much better than the old school high reps for definition.

The high reps creates a pump good for sarcoplasmic growth, not definition. Definition is caused by a low body fat tightly wrapping around your muscle, and to get there you need to follow the blueprint outlined above.

Bonus Phase 4 – This is the permanent shrink and wrap effect technique described above.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Program Break Down

The program consists of 3 parts.

  • A main PDF format, 72 page instant download manual with all the information needed to achieve the shredded, angular and muscular look and why. Here you will find the 3 phase pyramid structure plus the Bonus Phase, each phase being the foundation of the previous one, and the nutritional guidelines.
  • A 227 page Exercises Demonstrations ebook with pictures and body muscle sections organized with a clickable menu for easy navigation.
  • Printable Charts to monitor your progress.

visual impact muscle building

Program Advantages

  • Flexible program, can be adjusted to 4, 6 or 9 moths depending on you goals. You can stop at phase 2 or progress at phase 3 or adjust any phase duration depending on your needs and goals.
  • Flexible . You can use free weights, machines, body weight and it can be done at a gym or at home, as long as you follow the general guidelines. Resistance methods are not important, rep ranges and rest intervals are.
  • Unique perspective. It focuses on building an esthetically pleasing, hard, defined physique different from the big and beefy traditional bodybuilding that looks just as good on the beach as in a suit
  • Knowledgeable author with decades of expertise and results
  • Competitively priced
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Program Disadvantages

  • It does not provide much in terms of meal planning. But it does offer nutritional guidelines to fit the different phases.
  • Some people like physical formats. Unfortunately the program is not available in CDs, but it can be accessed immediately online upon purchase as long as you have internet connection and PDF reader like ADOBE.
  • Questionable criticism on the big compound lifts.

The Bottom Line – How Good Is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a simple, flexible and convenient blueprint designed to achieve a lean, dense, muscular and attractive male physique with permanent low body fat in a “Hollywood Star” format. Its guidelines and principles are the opposite of the buff and beefy bodybuilding regimes promoting size at the cost of a rounded, puffy and out of proportion look.

Instead, it gives a fundamental knowledge that can be used for life to naturally achieve a permanent low body fat with plenty of dense looking, balanced and proportioned muscle mass that looks fantastic in any light and in any contest, from the beach, to a contest or in smart clothes. It is also very competitively priced.

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