VFX Body Review – An In Depth Review Of The System

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Here you will find a fact based in depth review exposing the good points but also the not so good ones. We analyzed the program inside out so that you can have an informed opinion and a clear mind about this program.

The Program Core Idea – A Brief Description

The key point of this diet plan is based on restoring leptin sensitivity in women with the net result in boosted metabolism and improved hunger feel regulation, allegedly leading to a safe and permanent fat loss. It is not the only feature of this program, but it is the foundation of the whole weight loss system for women by John Barban (more on him below).

VFX Body Good And Bad Points

Good Points:

  • Complete and exhaustive program
  • Original and effective diet based on restoring leptin sensitivity
  • Complete exercise protocol
  • Software applications for accuracy
  • Helpful social community
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Bad Points:

  • Helpful but disorganized information
  • Not for everyone – it takes dedication for the plan to work

vfx bodyThe leptin hormone has become in recent years a bit of a fashion, with many so called leptin supplements purportedly inducing fat loss by simply increasing leptin levels. When We came across the leptin based idea of theVFX we realized that it was not about increasing leptin levels artificially, rather decreasing leptin resistance through a balanced diet and exercise, a more realistic approach.

John Barban’s system revolves around overcoming leptin resistance, nutritional planning and working out in order to achieve a natural, slim and toned figure without an excessively pumped up look. The VFX Body has been designed specifically for women taking into account how their body works with a view to achieve a sexy, feminine and toned physique.

The focus of the program is not just on mere weight loss, rather on reshaping your whole body to an ideal hourglass figure by re-adjusting your BMI (body mass index, or fat to muscle ratio). Just like the Venus goddess, your shoulder to hip to waist ratio final measurements should attain as close a match as possible to an ideal Venus Index, the holy grail of feminine perfection and attractiveness.

The system itself is designed to work on the initial 12 week diet plan stand alone, which is also the foundation upon which you can implement the 12 week plan, if so you wish, to really kick in your metabolism into overdrive and reshape your body rather than just being happy with reduced body fat. It’s worth remembering that the workout part is optional and even though it’s recommended for best results, the programmed is designed to achieve significant weight loss with just the diet plan.

Down below you will find our fully comprehensive review of the VFX Body where you will come to know all the facts, nuts and bolts that make up this fat loss system exposed in the most objective possible manner.

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What Is The VFX Body?

VFX Body is the creation of John Barban, a fitness expert with a degree in nutrition and human anatomy from the University of Florida and a vast experience in the fat loss industry backed up by real life results, scientific evidence and common sense.

The VFX fat loss system for female weight management was born out of necessity in order to reflect women different response to diet and exercise and create a specific program for them. Aside from and diet, the program revolves around restoring women sensitivity to leptin, a very important hormone that was discovered as recently as 1994 as having a dramatic impact on fat and appetite, especially for women.

This is a key element of the program approach that is unique to VFX Body and got our attention in the first place. To our knowledge, no other female diet or weight loss program has it. In fact, leptin has become increasingly important in the last decade or so for its ability to interfere with the way your body stores fat or burns it, sending signals to your brain to start or stop eating.

The problem is that while leptin is present in both men and women, and in fact women have more of it, women are less responsive, that is women are affected by leptin resistance more so than men despite having a better base stock of it. This means that the negative effect of leptin resistance in women offsets their initial base stock advantage. But before we dig down into the nuts and bolts of the program, here is a quick overview of its structure.

vfx body


The VFX Body Components Breakdown

A quick overview on the VFX Body components:

  • Nutritional Guidelines – A PDF manual with all the information on diet protocol, food menu, meal plans, calories and the rate of weight loss.
  • Workout Guidelines – A PDF manual with all exercises and workout cycles explained.
  • Online videos – 143 exercise demonstrations for better implementation.
  • Software Help – A so called Virtual Nutritionist, an application that calculates calories and projected body measurements to a very high level of accuracy.
  • Social Community – The Immersion Community for help and feedback.

Program Formats: digital or physical

  • Digital – The program offers PDF downloads, online videos, online login community and software, it is compatible with all devices, desktops, notebooks/laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets and it is instantly available upon $37 payment all inclusive.
  • Physical – The program is delivered to your door at the same price ($37) plus handling and shipping costs. Also you get the digital version for free immediately while you wait for delivery of the physical program.

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VFX Body In Depth – What Is It All About?

Fighting Leptin Resistance To Stimulate Fat Loss

The Problem:

What is interesting is that the system works by tackling the leptin issue in a scientific way, adjusting your diet, workouts and lifestyle accordingly. Here are the main issues underlying the leptin approach of the program.

  • Leptin Resistance – Just like insulin, leptin is critical in regulating metabolism and sending the right signals to burn or to accumulate fat. Normally, the more adipose tissue you have, the more leptin is produced which in turn sends signals to reduce appetite accordingly. Women seem to have more trouble than men in receiving these signals from leptin effectively even though they have twice as much of it, thus have more difficulty in regulating appetite and triggering fat loss.
  • Child Rearing – This also explains why women tend to put on weight particularly after child birth and have then trouble shedding the excess fat. After birth leptin resistance goes sky high, probably as a result of evolutionary advantage in keeping a woman’s body in fat storage mode for the added stress of child rearing and against possible famine or food shortage.
  • Restoring Leptin Sensitivity – Nature does not care how sexy and lean or over weight you might look, it only cares about what is the best physical shape for you and your child to survive on. This is the bad news.

The Good News – John Barban’s Solution

  • John Barban’s VFX diet – John Barban focused his efforts on creating a female leptin diet responsible for restoring leptin sensitivity in women’s bodies and achieving a faster metabolism, increasing fat loss and lean muscle. Even so, we found that the nutritional guidelines in his program are not as restrictive as those in other diet plans and in fact are quite flexible, even treats are allowed.
  • Flexibility – The best part of this program is that it is fully customizable with vast choice of meal plan selections to pick from to satisfy your daily calorie needs as you go along, with all the guess work left out from the planning. As you lose fat, the software recalculates your daily requirements, giving you extra meal plans to choose from.
  • The Virtual Nutritionist – Different women have a different way to metabolize leptin, so the VFX Body tailor suit these different needs with the help of this application. With few inputs it tells you exactly what you should eat depending on you height, body fat, shoulder width, and waist to height ratio.
  • The Fat Loss Ratio – This point is the single most important factor to determine how many calories you need depending on your progress because, even though leptin plays a key role in increasing metabolism and burning fat, the ratio at which your body can handle fat loss also changes with time depending on your fat storage.

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VFX Diet – How Does It Work Then?

vfx bodyThe diet process itself is split into 2 parts, the first for fat loss, the second (optional), for moderate muscle building. We agree with this approach, as it is much easier to reshape your body by tackling one issue at a time rather then simultaneously because building muscle and shaping your body while losing fat do not go well hand in hand with a very low calorie intake.

The book explains how body composition is critical in determining how your body looks, rather than just body weight. The key is to achieve a low body fat with a moderate amount of muscle in the right places for an aesthetically pleasing and functional physique.

John Barban’s PDF goes to great lengths in listing which foods should be avoided like the plague to prevent storing fat in the first place. Not surprisingly, these are the usual culprits like refined sugars, too many carbohydrates, sweet sodas, alcohol and the likes.

The manual explains the importance of Basic Metabolic Rate as the foundation on which to structure your calorie regime, as this varies depending on weight and height, then the charts provided work out for you how many calories you need per day and how much you should eat.

More importantly, the diet approach also takes also into account one’s body limited ability to sustain a great calorie deficit for extended periods of time and is designed with a reverse calorie strategy to avoid muscle depletion. Basically this means that the fatter you are, the less you can eat, the leaner you get, the more you can eat. It makes sense and in fact it is a tried and tested method for weight loss not unique to this program.

What happens is that at the start of a diet, with a high percentage of fat tissue, your body has a greater ability to handle a more drastic calorie deficit. However, as you go along and start getting leaner, with less body fat but still the same amount of muscle tissue, you should start increasing your calorie intake progressively to reflect your body diminished ability to cope with a drastic calorie deficit.

This is a safe and proven method, tried and tested well before the Venus Factor was created, to prevent weight gain rebounds and yo-yo diet effects and to guarantee safe fat loss with no muscle depletion and permanent results.

12 Week Structure and Virtual Nutritionist

The VFX diet is organized in a 12 week cycle structure and goes hand in hand with the use of the Virtual Nutritionist Software laser target your calories, meals and meal times. The 12 weeks are in turn broken down in 2 week mini cycles for a total of 6 mini cycles.

Each mini cycle is different from the others, constantly switching calorie intake and food composition, from low calorie to higher calorie and vice versa, and from carbohydrates to fats and vice versa.Here is when we became a little baffled. The idea of this part of the program is to confuse your body by forcing it to constantly adjust to these dieting variations which in turn allegedly cause your metabolic rate to go into overdrive and burn more fat, hence the fancy name “Metabolic Override.

While the reverse calorie is a proven strategy, we are not fully convinced that this other “food confusion” may enhance metabolism. The reverse calorie strategy alone works very well and has been around for a long time and that alone may be responsible for the good results of the program, aside from the leptin approach.

However, the meal plans section of the manual is highly detailed and leaves nothing to chance. There are 10 different meal plans calculated for each daily total calorie intake plan, which is then split into 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks per day.

This means that you first find out what is your total calorie daily requirement with the help of the book and the application, then you have 10 different meal plans to choose from for your daily calorie requirements. We have to say that the VFX diet leaves no room for error and prevents boredom in the meal planning department.

The Workout Videos And Book

Diet alone if properly implemented in a regular, progressive way can help you achieve great results. In addition, after you lost fat by following the program guidelines, you can throw in working out to maximize your results, improving your body composition, appearance and functionality by adding a moderate amount of lean, sexy muscle in the right places.

A little extra muscle has the added bonus of naturally increasing your basic metabolic rate even while at rest, helping you burn unnecessary fat even more. By now, you should have increased your daily calorie intake as per the program.

The VFX Workout Routines

The workout program is the natural complement to the 12 week diet program and it offers an extra edge to women who really want to go all the way in reshaping their body composition and appearance. This part of the program is very flexible, you can exercises at home with basic tools like barbells and dumbbells, a bench and a mat, starting from just 1 set per exercise and increasing upward to your levels of fitness.

All the information is included in the workout PDF manual, and in case you need clarifications on the execution of the exercises, the programs also offers access to 143 videos to leave no room for error. This is a big plus bonus. Knowing how to correctly perform the exercises is paramount to prevent injury and to guarantee effective workouts and results.

In any case, regardless of workout volume, this 12 week program is in turn split into 3 cycles of 4 weeks each in order to prevent stagnation and stimulate growth of lean muscle. In our opinion, working out should be always part of a fitness regime because it helps boost metabolism and improve body tissue composition, increasing lean muscle and helping burn fat even more, maximizing results after having lost most of your body fat first.

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The VFX Immersion Community

vfx bodyJohn Barban’s program offers the option to join a handy social community called Immersion. This is a very popular extra social hub for all the VFX Body members offering nutrition software, personalized workouts, additional coaching, podcasts, trackers, elite community areas and mobile applications.

Here participants are encouraged to show their results, give suggestions and tips to other members and help each other with descriptions of their achievements and podcasts of their stories.

The community is a key factor in the success of the Venus Factor program because it promotes support and sense of belonging while keeping members accountable for their progress in a friendly way.

The VFX Immersion community is designed to keep its members focused on losing fat, building some muscle and reshaping their bodies, keeping them motivated and preventing from falling behind or dropping out.

It does so with the help of advanced skills designed to achieve maximum fat loss in the shortest possible time, learning topics like metabolic flexibility, the afterburn effect, the starvation mode, skipping breakfast, the reality behind supplements, the truth about the twinkie diet, understanding research claims. Plus the bi-weekly coaching calls, the only coaching John Barban does anywhere.

Those who join the extra Venus Immersion also receive additional bonuses for free like:

  • Uncensored podcasts
  • Bi-weekly (recorded) coaching by John Barban
  • Workout of the month (to avoid staleness)
  • Natural Standard supplement database to know what works (few) and what does not (most)

Is This Weight Loss Plan Effective?

The VFX Body is a down to earth and well structured system that is the result of years of experience and knowledge by nutrition and workout expert John Barban. Over the years it has already helped thousands of women to reach their goals because not only does it target leptin resistance and diet but also offers solid workout guidelines to complement them. Building a little extra muscle where needed or simply working out also helps increase basic metabolic rate and burn extra calories even while resting, helping you keep the fat off.

A Word Of Caution Over Other Leptin Fads

Ever since leptin has been proved to be a key factor in women’s diet, there has been a boom in leptin supplements on the market. These products simply try to cash in the leptin name without addressing the key point of resistance. No amount of extra leptin hormone will help you lose weight because it is your body responsiveness to leptin and the way your brain read the signals that regulates hunger and body fat.

If that wasn’t the case, then women with normally twice as much leptin as men would not have a problem in keeping body weight low right from the start. That is not the case as we know it, precisely because of their resistance to capture the leptin signals. In other words, buying extra leptin means simply wasting money. Instead, VFX diet focuses on improving sensitivity to leptin, not increasing leptin levels artificially.

What Makes the VFX Body Original and Different From Other Programs?

Here are the original points that we liked:

  • Uniqueness – What is unique of this program is the approach to leptin and the diet set up to restore leptin sensitivity and kick start the fat burning process. No other program offers this approach.
  • Diet Management – The nutrition part is very well laid out. It goes in great details on how to manage your diet plans, how many calories, which foods to eat and which ones to avoid like the plague, even some alleged healthy foods.
  • Easy Workout Implementation – The videos are excellent. No need to join a gym, unless you want to, you only need basic . It is also very flexible because you can perform anything from one to more sets per exercise, depending of your fitness levels and goals.
  • Software Accuracy – It leaves all the guesswork out. The VFX Body offers its own gizmos to calculate the calories you need depending on your weight and body proportions.
  • Social Element– The social part of this program is very helpful. It is one thing following a program on your own without reference, another in the company of other women with the very same weight loss issue. Support and friendly competition can make the difference between modest and outstanding results.

Here are the points that We did not like:

  • Confusing layout. There is a ton of information and many parts of the program are highly detailed and helpful for sure, but sometimes the information jumps from one topic to another and you can lose track of where you are.

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Does The VFX Body Really Work?

Like other programs of this kind, the VFX Body purpose is reducing fat tissue in order to achieve a better body composition and body shape. It also gives blueprints and layouts for dieting and exercising, but this is also no novelty. Here below the pros and cons.

Program Pros And Cons

The Pros:

  1. Unique leptin hormone approach – Just knowing how to lower leptin resistance to kick start metabolism and fat burning is worth the program.
  2. Progressive approach to losing fat – lose just fat, not muscle. This is very important.
  3. Helpful online Immersion Community to help you stay focused while being encouraged and supported.
  4. Flexible workout program – It can be implemented at home or at a gym.
  5. Online workout videos to explain in detail what words or pictures alone cannot.
  6. Good, solid nutritional plan with all the foods to avoid and to eat, including the secret leptin response herb.
  7. Instant download and accessibility anywhere you live – no shipping required.
  8. Physical Format also available – Same price as digital plus handling and shipping.
  9. Last but not least – 60 day money back guarantee

The Cons:

  1. Disorganized manual information – Make no mistake, there is plenty of solid, helpful information but sometimes it goes from one topic to the next without fully exhausting one first.
  2. Not a quick fix – It requires discipline, time and dedication. So if you are looking for a dramatic fat loss in 2 week time just before your beach vacation, this is not for you.

What Is The Bottom Line? Is This Plan Any Good?

Our verdict: the VFX Body fat loss system is not a quick fix and it requires commitment for optimal results. It has been successfully used by thousands of women and, sure enough, it boasts of an endless catalogue of satisfied customers.

However, it has few flaws too as described above. It is based on a sound diet and workout protocol with the addition of helpful applications, videos and community for optimal results.

The uniqueness of this program revolves around reducing leptin resistance in women in order to increase their fat burning capabilities. This key factor coupled with the reverse calorie strategy and the other components makes the VFX Body an effective diet, fat loss fitness program for women, providing you stick to the plan for long enough .
vfx body official website


VFX Body FAQs – Find Your Answer Here

Is the VFX Body real?
The VFX Body is a real and successful program that has been around a while. It is the creation of fitness and nutrition expert John Barban.

Is VFX Body a hoax or a con?
It is certainly not. The program is out there to help women lose fat and achieve a better body shape.

What is the VFX Body secret?
There is no special secret about this program, its efficacy comes from years of experience of the author in the fields of fitness and nutrition applied in real life.

What does VFX Body consist of? What does it include?
The VFX Body consists of several components making up a whole system for female fat loss and body shaping. These components come in digital format or physical format, the choice is yours.

Is VFX Body effective?
By all accounts, yes. Thousands of happy customers can testify that.

How much does VFX Body cost?
The cost is $37 both for the digital version or the physical version. However, the physical version has shipping and handling costs on top.

Is the VFX Body available in stores? Is it all online?
You cannot buy the program in stores. It can only be purchased online from the official website through a highly secure server.

Is the VFX Body diet any good?
John Barban’s diet is geared towards reducing leptin resistance in women, a key factor for increasing metabolic rate and burning fat. It is also based an a solid strategy of reverse calorie intake for safe and permanent results.

Does the VFX Body weight loss program work?
It does work because is set up in a systematic and scientific way developed by fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, as thousands of women can testify.

What are the VFX Body strategies?
The strategies of the system are comprehensive. There is the “reverse taper calorie strategy”, meaning eating less when you are overweight but more as you get leaner. There is the leptin customized diet. The software application for calorie and body measurements accuracy, the workouts in both manual and video formats, and a social hub for feedback.

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