Fat Diminisher System Review

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Who Is The Author Of Fat Diminisher?

The creator of the Fat Diminisher is a former army serviceman turned fitness coach named Wesley Virgin. Wes is a real person with real credentials to start with. Here it will suffice to make a quick summary of his background and how he became a prominent personality in the field of fitness and weight loss.

fat diminisher wesley virgin

His journey to a better health and a better knowledge of fitness and body weight issues began in 2006 when he joined the armed forces and was sent to Iraq.

This was a tough experience that nearly cost his life but also gave him the opportunity to make an unexpected breakthrough in weight loss and fitness knowledge thanks to a chance encounter with a former student from Harvard University who opened his eyes on something that Wes had never thought of and was as easy to implement as it was effective.

Wes was in charge of training his soldiers, all greatly ranging in age and fitness levels, but was having a tough time in getting them into shape with the traditional methods, like low carb, reduced calories and long lasting, exhausting drills.

To his surprise, the application of this new method of diet regimen suggested by his newly found friend proved effective right from the start, so that he decided to make it into a viable blueprint for regular civilians once he returned home, five years later. So the story goes.

When he tried to convert his knowledge from the military to the civilian field, he was met with the negative response from the big guns in the health and diet industry that apparently, he says, share a coveted interest in keeping his findings hidden from the public.

He approached them all to share his revolutionary and effective method but was met with slammed doors all the way until he decided to go on a solo journey on his quest to share his method to the public.

OK, this is about his story. However, regardless of how easy or difficult it was to make this new diet approach public, what drew us to this program and compelled us to write a review of it was the underlying strategy of overcoming “metabolic acidosis” in order to boost metabolism, burn fat and improve BMI not just for the short term, but permanently. Could this be true?

The program makes it It sound like having a new eating life style with a healthy body weight for good. It sounded like an intriguing idea that we could not find on any other diet plans. Would it work?

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What Is Metabolic Acidosis?

Metabolic acidosis is a condition commonly found in western or affluent countries which is caused by an acidic diet. An acidic diet and food over consumption consist of excessive processed foods, animal byproducts, alcohol and a lack of fruit and vegetables, which are also connected to other ailments like insulin spikes or even diabetes.

What happens is that this acidic diet slows down metabolism, the body starts accumulating acid wastes and, as a response to damaging acids, it starts making fat cells and storing acids inside them, stopping the production of thyroid hormones, which in turn leads to increased fat storage. Your kidneys become overloaded with work and can’t get rid of acid effectively, again causing fat storage.

Over time this compromised situation leads to chronic diseases including high cholesterol, joint pain, high blood pressure, being overweight or obese and more. Hence, reducing acidic foods and rearranging your diet can revert the process. This is the theory of Wes’ program.

Basically the foundation of this program consists of a set of rules and a blueprint designed to reverse metabolic acidosis in order to reduce acidity, boost metabolism and lose weight, improving energy levels and vitality along the way.

We concluded that even though this may sound like a healthy and natural approach to weight loss, the program stresses too much the importance of metabolic acidosis for fat loss, as the name is known to indicate a serious medical disorder rather than a common physiological function upon which you may design a fat loss plan.

To its credit, this program is organized in a simple layout. Usually, the various diet plans you find around revolve on complicated calorie counting that require military precision, unfeasible meal planning, maybe a ton of or cardio thrown in for good measure.

These methods may be effective but require constant vigilance and a robotic approach, plus they often lose effectiveness once you lose interest, causing yo-yo weight rebounds.

The Fat Diminisher system also requires commitment to its blueprint and a willingness to change. It also contains a blueprint, but it is kept to a minimum, no more the 7 minutes per day, with no need for counter productive marathon gym workouts or treadmill runs.

The author makes it clear that excessive exercise is a road block to effective and sustainable weight loss, as one’ body will be under undue stress. This is good news for those who do not like waste time joining a gym or attending classes but would like to do something about it in the most time efficient way.

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How Does The Fat Diminisher System Work?

fat diminisher system

The program allegedly tackles the “metabolic acidosis” issue with a set of blueprints and food lists and recipes easy to follow and to implement designed to reverse the ill effects of modern diet and to prime your body to healthy levels of acidity, metabolic rate and energy.

Fat loss and a healthier body mass index are simply the pleasant bypass product of such an approach, reinforcing the connection between a healthy diet and lifestyle to permanent weight loss.

Diet plans are usually designed as a temporary remedy to being overweight, they may be effective in the short term, but are not sustainable in the long run because they do not address the issue of being overweight at the root level.

They tend to rely more on scientific calorie counting, low carb, no salt and what not. After a while people get tired because it is not a natural, intuitive and simple method.

The Fat Diminisher is structured in a straightforward way for lonf term results. Its key components are:

  • The the detox part – In here you’ll find smoothie recipes designed to detoxify your body and boost metabolism. The ingredients are not there by chance to make the smoothie just taste nice. They serve a purpose as they contain anti oxidants that fight free radicals.
  • The meal planning – These meals are easy to prepare with ingredient you can find at your local grocery store.
  • The workout plan – Not long sessions, just 7 minute workouts suitable for men and women to give your body that little extra kick to help burn fat in conjunction with the diet without going overboard.

However, there are many more topics covered in the main manual. The blueprint is a 128 page PDF manual arranged in different chapters covering different issues. The manual is Wes Virgin’s customization of one of his army buddies, Severino’s original booklet expanded into a workable blueprint with a lot of information, lists and actionable steps. Here below the most important topics, features and highlights:


  • List 1 – Containing detox smoothie recipes designed to get rid of harmful toxins and free radicals.
  • List 2 – Containing effective herbs chosen for their fat burning and rejuvenating properties.
  • List 3 – Containing all alleged healthy foods and vegetables that in reality are not, in fact helping you gain fat.
  • List 4 – Containing high fiber snack recipes to fight off your cravings in a healthy way.
  • List 5 – Containing high water content foods. Water aids weight loss and makes you feel fuller faster.
  • Tracking Charts – Designed to monitor your metabolic rate and customize your diet as needed. Very simple to follow as there is no calorie counting involved.
  • Simple Workout Schedule – Just 7 minutes daily sessions. The author stresses that over exercising has a negative impact on your energy levels and on you body’s ability to stay healthy.
  • Post workout strategy to keep your metabolism high and keep burning fat.
  • It works for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and over, men and women.
  • Reduces also cholesterol and blood pressure levels in a natural way.
  • Reduces your risk of disease and improves immune system.
  • It let you customize your diet depending on your age, metabolic rate and weight so you can adjust your protein, carbs and fat ratio.
  • A section designed to keep you motivated and overcome plateaus.

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What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Wesley Virgin has built a vast following with a dedicated Facebook page and a solid reputation. However, while all natural and simple to follow, the plan still requires basic discipline.

Although no terrible restrictions, calorie counting or marathon workouts are required, slacking off on healthy foods, detox smoothies, customization and basic workout routines can only have a negative impact on results.

Even with a minimalist plan like this, some commitment is necessary for the end goal. Having said that, the blueprint is so easy to implement and so feasible that it is really difficult to not be able to follow it or slot it in your daily commitments.

However, having said all this, we still think that the “metabolic acidosis” aspect of the program is overrated.

Who Is It For?

This program was designed just about for everyone regardless of age and gender. It is not just a regular diet plan but more like a healthy nutritional life style that stays with you even after you lost weight and thereafter.

It is suitable to all those interested in not just losing weight and unsightly pot bellies or muffin tops but also in getting back into shape in a more general sense of being in good health, with more energy, better metabolism, lower cholesterol and so on.

The program is designed for people with normal family and social commitments who do not have the time to live in a gym or obsess over each and every calorie. It’s very doable, not demanding and far sighted with a view to permanent weight loss without rebounds.

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What Makes the Fat Diminisher System Different?

fat diminisher systemWesley Virgin’s program is different in that it’s simplicity married to effectiveness. It is a minimalist program that is more value for money that other programs out there that may also work, but are way more complicated and structured in a way to make people lose interest and give up after a while.
It is a no frills fat loss and workout plan for everyone with an easy blueprint to follow for life, without all the often unnecessary bells and whistles typical of other programs like calorie counting software, mountains of information, podcasts and what not. This is also why it is good value.

It also helps that it comes in digital format only, meaning you cannot purchase it as hard copy or CD and have it delivered at home, you can access it immediately upon purchase via a download link. This solution cuts down costs because there is no inventory, storage or shipping to deal with, although it would be nice to have a physical copy option available for those who are not familiar with internet downloads or prefer good old fashioned materials delivered at home.

But for those who do not mind the fast digital solution, this means that they can view the PDF manuals anytime anywhere, on their smartphone or tablets, on the go and on vacation no sooner they click the download button.

Fat Diminisher System Components Breakdown

As mentioned above, the program comes in PDF digital format, for which you require a reader like Adobe for you PC or mobile device. You can easily download such program if you do not have it. The system is made up of several components as follows:

  • The Main Fat Diminisher System PDF Manual – This is the core of the program with all the information needed to succeed. It is a 128 page manual divided into 21 chapters.
  • Bonus – 4 Minute Belly Belly Shredding formula – This is a simple to follow belly workout designed to melt fat from your waist in case you are in a hurry for a social occasion like a wedding.
  • Bonus – The Truth About Veggies – A list of good veggies vs bad veggies and tips on how to include good veggies in your meals.
  • Bonus – Most Powerful Foods and Stimulants – This manual contains a list of aphrodisiacs to enhance your sex life. Slightly off topic, but still health related.

Watch The Fat Diminisher Presentation

The Program Pros and Cons

Good Points

  • Simple and easy to follow blueprint – the program is a no fluff plan with clear information on foods, nutrients, workouts, easy to customize to one’s needs.
  • Permanent results – The program was created for long run results. The guide offers recipes, food lists and information sustainable as a life style for permanent results.
  • Totally natural – It involves just healthy eating and exercising with moderation.
  • Time efficient – The workouts require just 7 minutes to perform. No need to camp in a gym.
  • Flexible and convenient – Immediately available upon purchase, it can be viewed on your PC or on the go on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Good value for money – The program is digital without expensive overheads like storing and shipping.
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Bad Points

  • Overrated “metabolic acidosis” aspect of the program. Metabolic acidosis usually indicates a serious disorder. The healthy diet blueprint and regular exercise offered in the program may have more to do with  fat loss than metabolic acidosis.
  • No physical format option available. You cannot have it delivered to your home, you can only download it online from the official website.

The Bottom Line

The Fat Diminisher System is a natural, minimalist and time efficient blueprint to  fat loss. Allegedly, the core principle of the system revolves on restoring acidity in your body to healthy levels, increasing metabolic rate and burning fat.

However, we think that the diet blueprint and the workouts may have more to do with fat loss than the metabolic acidosis explanation. Brief daily workouts make up the exercise part of the program to further increase metabolism without the need to waste your time in marathon gym sessions.

The simplicity of the recipes, workouts and nutritional guidelines make this program an easy to follow blueprint and a kind of healthy life style for permanent results. It is not meant for short term results but it requires a bit of discipline and commitment.

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