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curvalicious workout

This review will take you inside the program, highlighting what it can do for women and what benefits it offers.

Curvalicious Workout is a ladies’ fitness program that does require commitment and regular working out for best results.

Here you will find what the benefits, pros and cons of this program are and who it is suitable for.

curvalicious workout

What Is Curvalicious Workout

Curvalicious Workout is one of the 2 Flavia DelMonte’s fitness programs. Her other  program is “Full Body Licious” which you can read the review of here. She is a certified trainer, nutritionist and registered nurse with years of experience in fitness training who has created a and program specifically designed and marketed by a woman for women, even though its core foundations are just as effective for men too.

Even though “muscle building” is part of the description,  no bulking up Big Jim style is ever possible unless you want to, only a moderate increase in muscle mass for a healthy and balanced body tissue composition which, coupled with a decrease in fat tissue will result in a sexy, toned, feminine and attractive physique.

The point of the program is that losing fat alone is not enough if the result is a skinny looking body, but with the right amount of muscle mass to fill up your bones the result will be an aesthetically attractive and functionally athletic body.

Who Is It For?

Curvalicious Workout is suitable for women who do not want simply to lose fat but rather re-shape their bodies with a strategic increase in lean muscle in the right places coupled with general body in order to get a lean, sexy and athletic look.

It is indicated for women who are prepared to workout and stick to a schedule as it is not a diet/weight loss plan but a female fitness program that includes both working out and losing body fat.

How Does It Work?

curvalicious workoutWorking out to increase muscle mass is therefore one of the foundations of Flavia’s program.

However, what works for getting the desired physique is not outdated high repetitions, light weight exercises with a misled idea to get “muscle definition”, on the contrary heavy 5 to 7 repetition (and no more than 8) sets for each basic exercise targeting the main muscle groups, performed in a weekly split fashion will spur muscle growth.

So if this is the muscle building part, how do you get the fat to strip down from above your muscles to get that magical balanced body composition that will have women admiring you and men turning heads?

This is a 3 way process activated by and increase in metabolic rate at rest determined by the increase in muscle mass, proper diet and nutritional guidelines, and Flavia gives you all the necessary information on this, AND, last but not least, a post workout “after burn’ increase in metabolic rate lasting up to 48 hours and leading to fat loss.

These are the basic foundations of Flavia’s program. She goes to great lengths to explain that a sexy, athletic physique is not the result of just fat loss, but fat loss combined with an increase in muscle mass.

curvalicious workout

Curvalicious Workout Technical Stuff

This is something difficult to digest for many women as most have a natural adversity or an instinctive fear of bulking up with weights, ending up doing the opposite of what they should be doing, high rep/low weight exercises, thinking that this way they won’t bulk up and will burn the fat to show what muscles they already have, while in fact they should perform low rep/heavy weight exercises to give shape.

This is where it gets interesting. What happens when training with the traditional and outdated high repetition methods (more than 8 reps, usually 8 to 12 or more), is that muscles achieve growth through an increase in capillaries, sarcoplasm and mitochondria.

In practical terms this translates into puffed up, pumped up muscles, the buff type. With lower repetition sets as advocated by Flavia Del Monte (less than 7 and no more than 8 in any case), muscle growth occurs through the increase of the building blocks of muscles, myosin and actin.

This means sexy looking, lean muscles, not puffed up and pumped!

 Difference Between Myogenic And Neurogenic Muscle Tone

As a result, these muscles do not look pumped up, but very dense and solid even at rest, hence the descriptive term of myogenic tone. In addition, low repetition, high resistance sets also improve the neurogenic tone, that is the muscle tone and look when is actually moving, not just when lifting weights, but any movement. Neurogenic tone makes muscles look more defined and athletic.

Muscle Type Distinction

Another important distinction related to the myogenic and neurogenic tone of muscle at rest is the different composition of the muscles themselves, not just their tone. Low repetition sets stimulate the growth of fast twitch fibers, the contractile fibers needed for fast action or great exertion, as in sprinting or fighting. Only high resistance for low reps can stimulate growth of the fast twitch fibers, a quality that gives strength, speed and the above mentioned myogenic and neurogenic tone.

Difference Between Fast Twitch Fibers And Slow Twitch Fibers

On the contrary, slow twitch fibers are stimulated by light, long exertions where speed and power are not paramount, as in the 8 plus repetition range, growing muscle that are more pumped up than really dense, less strong but more suitable for endurance than power outbursts, and not as good looking.

So here we go, heavy sets with low reps striving to increase poundage at every session is the way to go. Now, this is nothing new, but Flavia goes to great lengths to make this understood to her female audience and dispel the myths and fears of bulking up too easily and burn the fat or get “definition” with useless high repetition sets.

curvalicious workout

What Can Curvalicious Workout Do For Women?

curvalicious workoutCurvalicious Workout is mainly targeted at women, even though the same blueprint works great for guys too. However, there are some key elements suitably addressing some of the topics women feel more self conscious about, like butts.

And shoulders. Yes, because not just the glutes, but the ratio between these and the shoulders have a dramatic effect on the general proportions and looks of your body.

Specific Training for Shoulders and Glutes

According to Flavia, a round, firm bum coupled with strong shoulders will instantly transform your physique more than anything else. To achieve this, Flavia devised the MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) as part of the same program and performed in the same main workout to complement it. The MRT is made up by ancillary exercises like lounges, shoulder presses, lat pull down and burpees.

Curvalicious Workout Nutritional Guidelines

This very important aspect of any fat loss/muscle building program is that it is not overly complicated.

Usually these programs come with meals plans, calorie counting software and what not that make a fit body quest look like mission impossible or like the new NASA project to Mars, as if you were a robot. Skip one meal or eat one at the wrong time and kiss goodbye to muscles or fat loss.

Flavia gives general guidelines without any specific meal plans or robotic schedules. It has worked very well for her without the need to obsess until the last calorie or meal time.

In addition to the nutritional manual, she also added an extra bonus specific abs diet to her program because, she believes, abs or six packs are still widely recognized by all as the benchmark of fitness and sex appeal.

A low fat tummy, she rightly observes, is also strictly related to good general health. What Flavia does is to give general guidelines on protein, carbs and fiber intake to customize to your own bodyweight without going crazy on planning and counting. Nice change.

Curvalicious Workout Program Components

curvalicious workout programThe main program is instantly downloadable, no shipping of materials, CDs or hard copies available. It is made up by PDF eBook manuals AND high quality online demonstration videos to better illustrate what words cannot.

Here is the PDF Breakdown:

  • The main workout PDF manual with all the information on training for beginners, intermediates and advanced, both for the gym or for home.
  • The nutritional manual. An easy and down to earth approach to nutrition for the trainee that has worked very well for Flavia too.

Here is the Online Videos Breakdown:

  • Video 1: the Lucious Legs video describing the best toning exercises for amazing legs, like squats and lunges kick-butt but also clever moves and techniques to challenge and stimulate the muscles and avoid plateaus.
  • Video 2: The Tummy Tightener video revealing the best techniques to get a low fat tummy. A low fat stomach is not just sexy and healthy but also functional, as the abs act as a pivot between the high and the low part of the body, ensuring better athletic performance and general posture.
  • Video 3: Amazing Arms. Arms are generally fast twitch muscles. Biceps and triceps respond well to training, providing that the exercises are performed with proper form with the correct weight as shown in the video, not throwing up in bad form excessive weights that do nothing for building muscle.
  • Video 4: Better Back and Strong Shoulders. This video shows how to develop strong shoulders and a strong back. Nice, round deltoids improve the waist to shoulder ratio, giving a better proportion and and a V shape athletic body, while a strong back gives better posture to complement strong shoulders. What Flavia is talking about is not cannonball style Hulk deltoids, but round, strong and feminine shoulders to make a woman look good on the beach or in a party dress.
  • Video 5: Bombshell Booty. Last but not least, todays’s benchmark of a woman fitness, the booty. The video shows all the movement varieties and heavy weights necessary to develop a fabulous “shelf”.
  • Videos 6: The Online Home Gym Workout Videos describing how to perform the gym exercises described above (1 to 5) at home with basic equipment.

In addition you get:

  • Printable Workout Sheets and exercise description with pictures.
  • A supplement guide, should you want to use some of the supplements suggested by Flavia, though they are absolutely NOT mandatory.
  • The pre-program check list to make sure you are ready for the workouts and have memorized all you have to do for more effective workouts.
  • A Dynamic Warm Up and Stretching Guide Video, describing moves and techniques to promote healing between workouts.
  • The Step by Step Specific Abs Diet. Flavia believes that “a firm belly is the single most significant step anyone can take to stay healthy for life“.

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Pros And Cons Of The Program


  • High quality training and nutritional program based on real life results, including Flavia DelMonte’s own results as showcased here by her own pictures.
  • Specifically developed by a woman for women. The program is the end result of Flavia personal quest to achieve a sexy, feminine and athletic physique. She knows what works and what does not.
  • High quality videos demonstrating what cannot be conveyed with words. The videos actually come with overlays telling exactly how many reps or sets you should use and what weight.
  • Flexible. It can be implemented at a gym or at home, depending on your personal preferences or circumstances.
  • Effective. By all accounts, Curvalicious Workout is a solid, real life program that is simple in its layout but not easy. It requires dedication and the implementation of heavy, low repetition exercises.
  • Nutritional guidelines are just that, not a robotic meal planning schedule with hyper strict and super complicated calorie counting. Flavia gives you indications on carbs, proteins and the rest, and you customize it to your own body weight.


  • Some exercises are a bit more challenging than many beginners can deal with, they require a period of learning.
  • The program involves a 5 day a week split routine, one session per body part. So it requires some dedication, albeit the sessions last only 45 minutes each.

The Bottom Line

Flavia Del Monte’s Curvalicious Workout is a program developed by a woman for women which dispels the myth of light weight, high repetition exercises for fat loss and muscle definition. Instead, it advocates heavy weight, low repetition exercises to increase fast twitch muscle mass while reducing body fat. This approach, combined with proper diet, results in a more balanced body tissue composition, which in turn translates into a lean, sexy and curvy body.

curvalicious workout



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