6 Minutes To Skinny Review – The Program Revealed

6 minutes to skinnyThank you for stopping by. This review of To Skinny will show you how this program is clearly designed with time management in mind, accommodating for an ever increasing crowd of people fed up with long gym workout sessions. But how does it work, what are the benefits, pros and cons of this program? Who is behind this minimalist program?

  • Rating:
  • Suitable for: men/women. Anyone with a busy life style and no time for a gym.
  • Experience level: beginner to advanced.
  • Format and structure: digital download in PDF format. Main manual plus 3 bonuses.
  • User friendliness: simple to follow.
  • Effectiveness: if you do not have time to go to a gym or have a busy life, this is as close as it gets to doing nothing while actually working out and burning fat.
  • Bonuses if any: yes.
  • Pros: designed for permanent , requires few minutes a day of commitment, can be done anywhere, easy to follow, constant energy and no food cravings.
  • Cons: no DVDs or hard copies available.
  • Regular price: $27
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Author: Craig Ballantyne
  • Website: http://6minutestoskinny.com/

What Is 6 Minutes To Skinny?

Just like TT, this new program is geared towards accomplishing real life results, fat loss and lean muscle in the shortest possible time by implementing strategic high intensity workouts coupled with suitable nutritional guidelines. 6 Minutes To Skinny is even more radical, minimalist and time efficient than Turbulence Training.

The plan could not be simpler when it come to time management, it can go down to as little as 5 minutes of precise sequences of morning exercises to boost your metabolism for the whole day. Why in the morning, you will find out later.

The program can be implemented anytime, anywhere, at home and traveling without the need of weights or machines, unless you want. But before we get down to the workings of the program, scroll down below the video and you’ll find a quick summary of what’s inside it.

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Who Is The Author?

craig ballantyneThe author of 6 Minutes To Skinny is Craig Ballantyne, a world class fitness, workouts and nutrition leading expert already very well known for his other program Turbulence Training, another time efficient program for fat burning and lean muscle (review here).

Craig Ballantyne has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at the McMaster University of Ontario, Canada, and he has made a point of dedicating his life to scientifically find the most effective ways and time efficient workouts in order to achieve fat loss without the need of wasting your life in a gym or following complicated diet plans.

6 Minutes To Skinny Program Break Down

The Components Of The Program Before Digging Down

The Main System: a PDF manual with all the nuts and bolts of the system with all the scientific and medical references for you to consult and check out.

6 Minutes to Skinny Morning Boost Videos – a set of videos each covering a different topic, so that you can jump immediately to the one of your interest.

Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes – a set of natural ingredients shake recipes to kick start your metabolism which goes hand in hand with the workout videos.

7 Day fast Start Guide – a start up step by step follow up blueprint to save you time to go through all materials and start reaping the program benefits immediately.

The layout is very simple and straightforward, no need to wade through tons of materials. What is there though, is high quality, easy to follow and always backed up by scientific references for you to check out.

6 Minutes To Skinny Metabolic Cycling In Depth – What Is It All About?

As the name implies, the program makes it possible to start and maintain your fat burning mode with a simple routine lasting as little as 6 minutes per day, without the need to count calorie or other complicated calculations or worse, taking so called “fat loss” pills.

It revolves around unusual but scientifically backed up tips and insider information that we could not find in other programs of this kind and we were particularly surprised regarding a specific food that must be avoided like the plague to prevent storing fat (sorry, we cannot give you that away).

Being designed with practicality in mind, it also gives away, for example, 3 particular dessert recipes based on chocolate, cheese or carbs that, according to the author, are designed to satiate without feeling deprived.

Not just the desserts, but all the nutritional tips are designed so as to give you all the nutrients you need without feeling tired but feeling energized without actually gaining fat but actually losing it while your metabolism is high. All these strategies, as unlikely as they seem, are backed up by scientific facts, results and references you have access to.

We fund this to be a plus of this program, no need for boring diets or giving up on social life. The author clearly states that most of the nutritional information out there is really nothing more than misinformation put out by greedy companies for their own gain.

Worse still, there is generally contradictory information of what works and what does not for weight and fat loss, different opinions on carbs, sugars, fats and so on. Craig Ballantyne is eager to dispel all this confusing information with real life and working scientific tips that he put together in the 6 Minutes To Skinny system.

Combining Early Morning Exercises And Food For Best effect

The same applies for workouts, cardio and pilates, too much of them and too much misinformation. Instead, the 6 Minutes To Skinny uses the so called body natural cycles to boost metabolism and fat burning in a safe and permanent way.

We think, however, that these results are not typical and that they may vary depending on other factor like age, personal basic metabolic rate, gender and genetics.

The key point of the program is treating your body in a natural way and not like a machine, going against what most of the programs and trainers do, setting specific fixed workout regimes and nutritional guidelines that do not change over time, leading to stagnation or worse, over training.

What happens is that most programs give instructions to follow the same workouts and meals plans day in and day out, leading only to short term results because they do not take into account your body natural cycles. Craig Ballantyne makes a point to provide scientific proof that your body follows cycles through the day, like being energetic in the morning, sleepy after lunch and again more energetic in the late afternoon and sleepy before going to bed.

He actually puts into ridicule some well practiced regimes like running every day for 1 hour or working out for 2 hours. This is totally against what mother nature intended. Anything more than 15 minutes running, at the same speed every time is too much, leading to over training. What happens with over training is that your body is then forced to recover instead of burning fat.

Another important point is to avoid not just sugar, which is obvious, but all kinds of sugars disguised in processed food under different guises like corn syrup, fructose, sucrose and so on. They wreak havoc in your insulin levels and your ability to burn fat, instead making you store even more.

On the contrary, some specific treat ingredients are even beneficial for fat burning, like almonds, dark chocolate, peanut butter healthy fats, olive oil phytonutrients that reduce body inflammation, and calcium from cheese that improves body composition, that is less fat and more lean muscle

But the most important point of the program is following your body natural cycles, called “Metabolic Cycling”, that is to eat and exercise accordingly to these, and not to force your body into a preset plan, but rather synchronizing food and exercise in a strategic way with body cycles for maximum effect.

6 Minute To Skinny makes other programs look unnecessarily complicated and time consuming and is set up to achieve permanent results without rebounds or yo-yo like crush diet effects because it takes into account your body natural fat burning cycles, and it is so called after a minimalist 6 minutes morning routine designed to kick start your body in fat burning mode through the day, not just during the workout.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Here is the science behind the program idea. It does work for anyone, younger, older, men and women precisely because of the “metabolic cycling” idea, particularly the first cycle of your body which is when you wake up in the morning. This is by far the most important of your natural daily cycles and the top window of opportunity for burning fat and losing weight.

By acting the right way within this early morning cycle, you can kick start your metabolism in high drive for the rest of the day, burning fat all along. The strategy involves doing a specific pattern of movements and eating specific food and ingredients that lead to natural hormonal changes in your body, meaning your body is set up to burn fat for energy.

How Does The Metabolic Cycling Work?

This 6 minute morning workouts coupled with a metabolic cycle meal is designed to boost metabolism through the day, accelerating fat loss. The workout consists of simple and fast movements performed 5 days a week that are designed to improve energy levels and confidence, boosting enzyme production like citrate synthase in the mitochondria. It is these enzymes that are in turn responsible for burning fat for fuel.

This is what we liked about this program: it is set up to naturally deliver fat loss and health benefits in a fraction of time, handy if you do not have much of it and do not want or cannot spend hours in the gym and follow restrictive and complicate diets.

The 6 Minute To Skinny Program Layout – What’s In It?

  • The Main System – the PDF part of the program with in depth information of the principles outlined in the program, why they work and how, with the back up of scientific references to shift through as needed.

Plus 3 Free Bonuses

  • Bonus 16 Minutes to Skinny Morning Movement Boost: a set of videos showing exactly what you need to do every morning to kick start the metabolic cycle, each workout taking less than 5 minutes to do, leaving all the guesswork out for best results. It’s a “watch and follow” system that let you know exactly what to do each morning.

These video are paramount for the results of the program because the movements involved are designed to trick you body into “active mode” for the rest of the day, burning fat for energy along the way. But they must be timed right in the right sequence for best results, yet these early few minutes of specific exercising are responsible for your body burning fat 24 hours.

For example video 7 tells you how to secretly start burning, or video 2 that contains movements to shape your legs , thighs and butt. Video 11 revolves around toning your arms. No weight or machines are needed to follow these videos, just few square feet.

  • Bonus 2Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes: this manual gives you 37 fat burning shake recipes that takes 2 minutes to do. The ingredients are totally natural, you can find them at your grocery store, and are deigned to boost your metabolism while making you feel full and energetic.
  • Bonus 3 The 7 Day fast Start Guide: a quick and ready blueprint for your first week on the program to jump start your fat loss, telling you exactly what to eat and what exercises to perform. It also gives few handy tips to accelerate your results, like how to double fat loss by eating most vegetables. It is about mixing veggies with healthy fats like avocado or olive oil that helps you absorb the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables for optimal results.

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What Is Different About This Program Comparing To Others?

The main benefits of this program and why it is different from others in a simple break down:

  • No Unhealthy Food Cravings
  • Plenty of energy, not feeling drained
  • Fast and permanent fat loss
  • No weight loss plateaus
  • Very easy to follow, no complicated workout or nutritional guidelines

Pros And Cons Of 6 Minutes To Skinny


  • Created by authoritative expert
  • Simple yet effective program
  • Original and time saving morning routines
  • Step by step system easy to follow through
  • Suitable for busy people
  • Permanent and safe weight loss
  • No need for a gym
  • No need for long boring cardio
  • No need to give up foods you love
  • Affordable price
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Available in digital format only, no CDs or hard copies

The Bottom Line

6 Minutes To Skinny is a super minimalist, yet effective system for permanent, safe and fast fat loss designed to use your body natural cycles in order to achieve boosted metabolism 24 hours a day by using simply a 6 minute a day movement and nutritional protocol.

It is therefore a program suitable to anyone without much time at hand or who does not want to waste hours in the gym, or follow complicated diet plans as it is easy to implement at home and anywhere. The simplicity of the program, coupled with its effectiveness, the scientific evidence back up, countless testimonials, the author credentials and a competitive price make 6 Minutes To Skinny a very attractive fat loss program.

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