3 Week Diet Review – Complete Review Of The System

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What Is The 3 Week Diet?

Hi and thank you for stopping by. In this review we will give you an account of the 3 Week Diet, keeping in mind that this program is not gender biased as it is designed to work for for both women and men.

The 3 Week Diet is a popular weight loss plan that has been around for a while. The main feature of this program is that it is designed to make people lose up to 23 pounds of excess fat in just 21 days, claiming to have people accomplish results other diet plans can achieve in 3 months. A bold claim indeed that we took with a pinch of salt to start with. Not only that, one of the key points on which the program is focused on is a motivational one (more on this below), which kind of balanced our skepticism.

According to the creator, one reason people lose track of their diet plans and the motivation to persist is that they do not get tangible results quickly enough. While other plans are focused on the usual slow and steady approach leading to 1 or 2 pounds a month of fat loss, the 3 Week Diet was designed to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day for the first week and about 3/4 of a pound a day thereafter thanks to a clever combination of different diet stages cleverly put together to boost metabolism and spur fat loss.

Of course, like many other diet plan out there today, the 3 Week Diet is no exception in resorting to the usual alleged “conspiracy theory” of the big guns in the nutrition and weight loss industry that conspire to keep you in the dark as to what really works and what does not for their own gains. You may or may not believe that, the point is that this program revolves on restructuring your nutritional habits based not on strict calorie counting, rather on the quality and type of these nutrients.

While the “eat less and exercise more” mantra does work, it may be also too slow for some people. Diet plans set up in this way do work initially, but may fail to keep you on track. Hence the idea of the 3 Week Diet to spur as rapid results as safely possible with the end goal to keep your motivation high got our attention. The program is designed around a unique diet procedure split into 4 different stages that uses a combination of detoxing, fasting, fat nutrients and metabolic rate to keep your body burning fat.

It is interesting to notice that while the name of the program reflects the original goal to shed as much fat as possible in 3 weeks, it is also a bit misleading in that the scope of the program goes beyond 3 weeks, as it gives a clear body weight maintenance blueprint for well after you have finished the plan. And while the program is about diet, it is also about working out, but only if you choose so (optional).

What Are The Key points Of The 3 Week Diet?

The 3 week diet is based on 4 key principles that act as foundation pillars of the program. These are:

  • Fighting cellular inflammation – Chronic cellular inflammation disrupts hormonal balance and has a wide range of negative implications for diseases and weight loss, the plan addresses the problem with a detox approach aimed at cleansing your body and prime it to respond to the diet. Normally, when unhealthy and processed foods are processed by your intestine, you start the onset of inflammation which in turn makes your body store fat rather than burn it. The 3 Week Diet restructures your food choices in a way to eliminate chronic inflammation and start burning your own fat storage.
  • Focusing on “what Calories” you eat rather than calorie counting – The type of calories you eat is way more important than the amount. Depending on foods, some calories are easily stored as fat, others prevent you from storing fat, others still actually make you burn fat. The 3 Week Diet is based on correct nutrients that kick in metabolism and fat loss.
  • Offering fast and tangible results for motivation – One of the program priorities is to offer people the ability to achieve quick and tangible results not just for the sake of it, rather for keeping them motivated to carry on. This does not imply that the plan is short sighted and restricted to 3 weeks though, as it also gives maintenance instructions to keep your extra weight off for good.
  • Giving a clear and simple plan of action – The plan intention is to be a simple, easy to follow blueprint that leaves leave no room for misunderstanding. And it is. It is divided into 4 different topics described in the 4 different manuals that make up the program (more on this later).

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How Is The Program Structured?

The 3 Week Diet is a no nonsense, no fluff blueprint dived into 4 different manuals, these are:

The Introduction Manual

3 week diet introduction
3 Week Diet Introduction

This is a 43 page book with information on the theory supporting the program, that is how to burn the most stubborn fat, what to eat or not to eat and which supplements are effective (recommended by the author but in our view not necessary).

The supplements are a double edge aspect of the program that some may not like as they imply an extra expense on top of the program, but we think these are unnecessary.


The Diet Manual

3 week diet manual
3 Week Diet Manual

This is the core of the program. It is a 22 page book with information on how to customize you diet based on your specific body type with instructions on how to work out your BMR so as to keep your body burning calories. The Diet blueprint manual is in turn divided into 4 different phases:

  1. Phase 1This the detox phase and it lasts for a week from day 1 to day 7. In it, you are given information on what foods to eat for best results, 6 different kinds of proteins to choose from such as fish, eggs, meat and 17 different kinds of vegetables. The program recommends to take vitamins A, D and C in order to cleanse you liver and prime your body for fat burning.
  2. Phase 2 – This is the fasting phase which lasts only 24 hours, after the last evening meal of phase 1. The fasting is placed strategically between phase 1 and phase 3 in order to detoxify your body and liver from any waste left from the first phase and prime you for the next fat burning phase.
  3. Phase 3 – This is the so called “Fat Phase” and it lasts for 3 days from day 9 to day 11. This phase is based on a low calorie, mostly fat nutrients intake. Healthy fats actually help you burn fat, contrary to popular belief. It may sound counter intuitive, but fats do not make you fat, sugars and carbs do, as they are easily stored into fat and cause unhealthy insulin spikes. The manual tells you which fats to eat. The idea is that while eating fats, the liver will start burning your own body fat rather than relying on carbs and sugars for energy.
  4. Phase 4 – This phase lasts 9 days from day 12 to day 21 – In this phase you have to calculate your BMR based on you gender, then work out your customized, low calorie diet plan. The idea is to create a calorie deficit based on your own personal Basal Metabolic Rate, which will keep you body burning even more fat after the 3 previous phases. Basically you have to cut down your calorie intake to half of what your you need to keep you BMR.

The diet part is also designed to get rid of the typical problem areas in men and women, with a dedicated part specifically designed for butts, thighs, under arms and waist in a progressive and systematic way. It does so with the aid of strategies designed to burn old fat while stopping new one adding up.

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The Workout Manual

3 week diet workout manual
3 Week Diet Workout Manual

This is a 17 page manual with instructions and pictures of the exercises to perform. They are mostly basic exercises that you can perform at home without the need for a gym, unless you want.

The are full body workouts and cardio to maximize calorie burning and last for just 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

If you have no access to a gym, you may need basic to perform standard compound exercises like squats, rows and presses. The workouts are by no means compulsory but are recommended to burn more calories and achieve quicker and better results.

Resistance full body workouts are preferred over cardio because they use up more calories for the same time involved. They also are low impact on joints, even though this may sound counter intuitive. Running on a treadmill or jogging exert a greater stress on your joints than lifting smoothly free weights or using your own body weigh.

Exercises like squats are excellent for increasing metabolism because they involve all the major muscles in a single movement. A particular variation of the squat described in the manual is the “goblet squat”, which is very easy to perform at home since it requires only basic equipment like a dumbbell and not a full squat rack set like in a gym. Simple but hard to perform.

You basically squat while holding a suitable dumbbell upright near your chest with your hands. You can then easily drop it down gently on the floor when near failure, no need to have a spotter or risking to get stuck under a barbell rack.

Other exercises include bend over rows, military presses and most compound movements. The workouts focus on quality rather than quantity, meaning a greater effort in a shorter time. Pretty basic stuff then, but effective when coupled to the diet.

While for men this kind of workout approach comes almost as second nature, women may be intimidated by fears of “bulking up”. Through our experience, we have to say that this is not possible, as it takes many years of weight training coupled with over eating to bulk up.

With your calories under control there is no way a woman (or a man) could bulk up to bodybuilder’s proportions. Even when actively seeking to build up, it takes years of dedication and you simply do not wake up the next day looking like a pro bodybuilder, you can stop and do maintenance well before you start getting too muscly.

The purpose of the 3 week diet workouts is simply to help burn even more calories and fat on top of the diet guidelines foundation so as to reach an overall low body fat, not bulking up.

The Mindset And Motivation Manual

3 week diet motivational manual
3 Week Diet Motivational Manual

This is a useful 13 page booklet addressing one topic that most of the time is bypassed by other similar programs. This little pamphlet contains tips on how to keep motivated and break through your own self imposed limitations.

It tells you how to keep a healthy and positive approach toward new challenges such as staying committed and motivated to reach your goals, like body weight loss.

Motivation is usually bypassed by most diet plans as many authors and people assume that calories and exercise is all there is about. The truth is that there are all sort of of obstacles and temptations to push you off the track. Mental attitude is very important to keep yourself motivated and on track towards your goals.

This manual is short but rich in little motivational tricks on how to deal with food cravings for good. Simple ideas that stop you from derailing every single time you have a chance. Since refrigerators are never too far from you, a helping hand on how to deal with these issues and keep a healthy mindset towards your weight loss goals is welcome. We found this booklet worth the whole program.

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Who Is This Diet Plan Suitable To?

Two thing that we liked about this plan are its flexibility and feasibility. It is flexible enough to be suitable to men and women, there are 2 different ways to calculate you BMR for men and women, and it is also an easy-to-implement plan. While it is marketed as a short term solution, it also addresses long term weight loss maintenance after completing the core plan, so it goes beyond the mere quick fat loss purpose and into the healthy life style range. However, while it is simple to follow, it may not suit someone who can’t stick to the basic guidelines of the program. Simple does not mean easy.

What Results Can You Expect?

Results may vary from person to person, depending on personal age, starting point, general and so on. Our opinion is that losing weight is not just good enough in terms of simple fat loss and looking better but more importantly for overall well being and feeling healthy and energetic.

Burning extra fat does not stop at just being lighter on the scale and prettier in the mirror, it also means your energy levels are higher and constant. What we found out when we lose weight is just how much of the good life we missed on before, and how many times we were feeling down in energy and not sharp and focused, just through bad eating habits and poor life style.

Losing weight to healthy levels also improves your quality of life much more than your mirror and scale tell you. You actually feel a different person, almost new born, and that feeling translates also in confidence. People feel great and others react in a more positive way as a result.

So it is not just about weight loss success but a lifetime turning point, really. Fat loss means having more energy, being more resilient in any task, not suffering from bad moods but feeling strong and positive. Personal liaisons improve and of course you look better and younger. It is a common fact that fat makes you also look older, not just over weight.

Some plans can be implemented with mixed success but cannot make you stick around for longer than the initial success, after which you may would slip back to the old self.

What Makes The 3 Week Diet Different?

The 3 week diet is different simply because it is so simple and basic to follow. Plus, while the main focus of the program is on losing fat fast in order to see results without getting bored in the process and giving up, it is by no means restricted to just short term goals.

The best part is that you can keep it on a maintenance mode for life, becoming more like a lifestyle rather than a mere weight loss plan. Because health is for life, not for 3 weeks.

What Are The Benefits Of 3 Week Diet?

Here is a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Easy To Follow – The program is simply laid out and well organized with clear step by step instructions. It has just about the right amount of information delivered in layman terms without any sophisticated jargon. Other programs may look like encyclopedias and take forever to digest, not this one.
  • Original Information – The guidelines found in the program are unlike any others. The approach is unique but it gets results.
  • Testimonials – The plan has been around quite a quite now and it had the time to accrue many positive testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Long Term Results – While the plan is organized and marketed as a 3 week blueprint for rapid fat loss, it does not actually leave you dead on your tracks once you have finished the main plan. It provides you with an extension body weight maintenance blueprint to follow for life.
  • No Need To Join A Gym – The workouts can be done at home with basic equipment and it’s optional anyway.
  • Time Efficient – No need to organize your life around the program. Quite the opposite. You can carry on with your usual commitments with no disruption.
  • Comprehensive System – The program tells you what to eat, how, when and also how to workout, should you choose so.
  • Fast Digital Download – 3 Week Diet is available immediately upon purchase through a download link. You do not need to wait for a home delivery. The digital format also means you can have the program available for you anywhere you are, be it on smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Last but not least, it’s always good to know that you have the option of a refund, should something not be satisfactory.


  • Some supplements are recommended which may be not necessary after all, but may make an extra dent in your wallet, should choose to get them.
  • Basic workout equipment may be preferable, though you can get away without.
  • No physical format available – If you dislike digital download and would like a physical copy like CDs, you are out of luck. The digital format was selected for convenience of access and to keep the cost down, as no delivery or storage expenses are involved.
  • No video format available, either online or on DVD.

The Bottom Line

The 3 Week Diet is a down to earth, simple yet accurate blueprint for fat loss designed to achieve a healthier body weight not just for the short term but also with a view to maintain it for the long term, despite what the program name may suggest. It is based on a diet blueprint revolving on detoxing, fasting (1 day only) and calorie deficit to be followed in different phases.

Most importance is given to quality of calories rather than quantity, the plan is mainly based on a protein and vegetable intake, except for the “Fat Phase” lasting 3 days. Though namely a diet program, it also contains a workout section to give a better overall value and effectiveness, even though it is not compulsory, just a recommendation for better results.

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